Saturday, January 20, 2007

Passion and Money

The secrets of men are in their stories. I stumbled on a story written by John Chow in September, last year, 2006. Ever since then, I have been so endeared to John Chow's blog. I called it the lecture theatre for bloggers on the subject of making money.

I have learnt a ton of tips on money-making from him in the last five months. Before I met him, my site used to be the dumping ground for MFA ads campaign. Today however, with what he re-taught me, having filtered out these parasite websites that fed fat from my labour, my blog income through Google AdSense has quardrupled.

John is my secret mentor that I cherish so much. He introduced me to the AGLOCO internet money making venture, that would take off early in February 2007, with the expected release of its view potential 109 referrals are worth more than $3,270 dollars in share value with Agloco.

His 'practical lectures' showed me how it is possible with a blog that's, less a year old, to earn an monthly income of over 2,000 dollars!That is an incredible income for any blogger in the third world. It infuses me with confidence to attain such levels too for my blog here, before it marks its first year anniversary in August 2007. I am currently above 10% of that.

John is a bundle of passion, and that is what makes his blog tick. The transparent honesty and passion behind his writings among others, are what makes the traffic to surge and always come for more 'food'.

I know of bloggers who practically 'live' on John's blog. With 75 comments by a blogger, within 3 weeks naturally point to the fact that some people do overtime there.

All hail my secret mentor!


Ola said...

Please how do I do this neat money making business? Please just post my Name as Ola.

Anonymous said...

Great! You finally made it. I'm sure John would list you in the next batch. Go Philomena, Go!!!

You know who. :-)

Hannes Johnson said...

Very nice review. I've also learned a lot from John.

I actually wrote a review on my blog: you can read it here...

Jason Neuman said...

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