Monday, January 22, 2007

The Real Jennifer: 2-Faced!

At last and at least, one blind man called Carlos Eduardo, could see and his 'deafness' also 'cured', as found in Snippet 101. Marissa refused to reason with her son, Carlos Eduardo. Carlos showed her that Jenny was a two-faced 'friend' of the family. He told her that jenny kept a pious and noble face with him and Marissa, but reserved her vicious snarl for Rosario and other people around them. He emphatically insisted that despite her favourable testimony in court, he won't get back to reconcile with Jenny because she remained unrepentantly phony.

Marissa was such an emotionally impressionable person, as far as she was concerned, Jennifer had 'sacrificed' so much that she should be compensated with the title of Carlos Eduardo's wife. Even in court, when Luis Alejandro Montero was weeping crocodile tears and declaring with shaky voice that he 'loved' Carlos Eduardo like his own son, Marissa was emotionally touched by this melodramatic con artist, she could not see through the falsehood.

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