Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"You Dug Your Own Grave!"

Luisa Fernanda took over and taught the bad girl (Jennifer), of the Gardener's Daughter telenovela a lesson in true love and uprightness in Snippet 102. Jenny became dumb when L.F hit her with the home truth that she dug her own grave by conniving and dinning with the worst enemy Carlos Eduardo - L.A.

Jenny had come to fight L.F and also begged her to leave Carlos Eduardo alone. L.F told told her that, if two years separation from Carlos, orchestrated by Jenny so she could live with him in Baltimore, could not make him to forget about her (Luisa Fernanda), then she could not help Jenny in her desire.

To really prove that Jenny dug her own grave, she went abegging Nana Rosario, using all the tricks in her bag. Pretending to be penitent and asking the old maid to forgive her for all the evil that she (Jenny), had done to her. She failed woefully, as the old maid refused to believe her. She was told by the old maid to go and find another man to destroy his life and never to come back into the life of Carlos Eduardo again.

Rosario told her that the reason why Luisa Fernanda would always have an edge over her was because she was sincere and simple. At that point, Jenny dropped all pretenses and bare her serpentine fangs. With blazing red eyes, she insulted the old woman again for supporting the love affairs between L.F and Carlos.

Another significant drama happened in court during the trial of Carlos, Leopoldo shocked the whole court when he removed the veil of hypocrisy that L.A had been using for 20 years to cover his true personality. He told the whole court how L.A had been scheming to have Marissa murdered, so that he could take over the ownership of the Metropolitan bank. All, including the trial judge and Marissa, were stunned by this revelation. Coming from a man who had honestly admit his crime of attempted murder as a revenge weapon on L.A for betraying his 20-year friendship.

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paula said...

nice i really like the way its going now ma greatest joy would be when L.f and carlos.E get married. LOL