Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Unusual Valentine Gift

I got a suprise Valentine 'gift' this morning when I woke up. My hubby had woken up much earlier than unsual, and had begun to take over my normal household chores- washed plates, bathe the children and readied them for school, swept the whole house. He prepared and served their breakfast too. By the time I woke up, there was practically nothing left for me to do. It was such a touching expression.

This is going back to the 'Old School' theories of Love. Not just by words, but by expression. An ACTION that touches. So today must be a "feeling" and "touching" day. Not a day of speeches. Where speeches would never reach, ACTION would penetrate today.

What an unusual way to rekindle our 10-year old marriage. A flame that has turned into a consuming cupid conflagration in the last 11 or 12 years of knowing him. I am filled with trepidation of what more cupid surprises that may await me by the time he returned from work later this evening.

What about you, have you experienced any surprises so far since the Valentine day began a few hours ago today? I would love to hear your account of how you spent your Valentine day, ... of course, with your Val... Dont't tell me you read only telenovelas. Shouldn't we begin to practically experience the fantasy that we read of in the novelas?

For God so Loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that the world may not perish. The Son too so Loved the world that he accepted a sacrificial death for the sake of you and me. If love is all about sacrificial giving, what are you willing to give sacrificially today, not only your Val, but your colleagues at work and neighbours at home.

I would go right away to post the completion snippets of Esmeralda, like I had promised before I went to sleep yesternite.

Happy Valentine to ALL "Gardeners"!


Anonymous said...

Your husband is a wonderful man. Pls give him a kiss on my behalf. I wish every husband will read this. You know that we are in the world of men, where pride is the other of the day. I was the one i reminded my husband that yesterday was Val. No gift,just to cut the long story short. i enjoyed my Val in the office, because every year my boss celebrate Val for all the ladies in my office, I got a white goal wrist watch and some money. For Husband is always stories even when i requested for drink and the rest. My dear I WISH YOU ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT YOUR HEART DESIRES. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BEST YOU AS YOU DO YOUR GARDENERS JOB.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Val to you first and foremost is good to note that your hubby is one the best this season after a decade of been together I would say it is the manifestation of your affection to him over the years. I thank God for the reciprocation. My eldest sister surprised me with wonderful gift ever today she said it is as a result of my kindness to her. Thank you for the good work you are in the garden.
Emma Antigha