Thursday, February 15, 2007

Signals of Downfall

Jennifer was a pathetic case yester-night on the Gardener's daughter soap. A careful observation of the romantic trajectory between her and Carlos Eduardo would show that there is an 'invincible and invisible hand' that blocks every of her scheme to cage the noble guy, Carlos Eduardo, into a matrimonial trap.

From the blues, her elaborately planned movement into a new house with Carlos, evaporated like a smoke into the air. The estate agent told her that the owner has refused to sell, nor even rent out the apartment to them. Carlos was secretly relieved but Jenny was furious, and almost ate the agent 'raw'.

While still grappling with that aspect, she began to pour invectives on Pedro for dating Marissa. She urged Carlos Eduardo not to allow such courtship because Pedro, according to her, " ... has no penny to his name, he is a Mr. nobody and a low life". Carlos could not bear the insults anymore, he yelled at her that she should not insult the grandfather of his son anymore. He turned around and angrily walked out of her apartment. END OF DISCUSSION!

All this signifies the end of Jennifer's reign of falsehood and deception. But because of her blind desperation, she would pursue her ambitious and evil scheme to her own peril. Her next step would be to go to a witchcraft coven to seek to bewitch Carlos by diabolical means, having failed to physically lure him into a matrimonial union. She was taken to the consultation room of witches by no less an obnoxious person than her Jezebelian younger sister- Carol. Further peep at the recipes in the gardener's kitchen can be found at Love Snippets 117, 118 and 119.

I have posted two bulk snippets of Esmeralda. What we have left now is the concluding snippet and Grand Finale. Check out Two Romantic adversaries that entered into the relationship of Jose Armando and Esmeralda. Also the beginning of triumphant love, that I posted as Valentine gifts yesternite. Thanks to Vivian, my gardener friend from Ogba, Lagos, who showered my husband and I with Valentine encomiums. I which you also an unending season of honey in your marriage.


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My dear Philo.

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