Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Enter, Guillermo

At last, Jennifer found the guts to call it quits with Carlos. The reason was obvious, another man has crept into her emotional orbit. He is the handsome Guillermo, the owner of an advertising agency who offered Jenny the star role in the Latin American campaign for a new product. He advised her that the best way to escape personal-induced stress, is to immerse herself in work, and the advertising campaign would be a good break for her.

There was no doubt that in this episode 129, the two of them were mutually attracted to each other. When Carlos came to visit her, she found a temporary courage to tell him that it's best to split up their fruitless 3-year relationship. Did I hear you say, 'good riddance'? You are mistaken, because the virulent greed and obsession of Jenny would push her back to the precipice of disaster, as she could not bear the re-union of L.F and Carlos, not withstanding the facts that she had by then started sleeping with Guillermo.

The character called 'Guillermo' was no other person than the famous 'Fabian' of Cuando Seas Mia, telenovela, (When You are Mine). 'Fabian' looked fatter and more matured in this soap, obviously because there was a two year difference between WUAM (2001) and gardener's daughter (2003). The voice-over was different for TGD, but it is the same Rodrigo Abed.

This new role was a sharp contrast to the one he played in WUAM. He was a hawk that loved only himself and his ambition to inherit the Sanchez-Serrano fortune. In this new role, he was a perfect gentleman who suffered the rejection of the woman he loved dearly - Jennifer de la Vega. He literally 'licked her boot'. The 'Fabian' that played and toyed with the feelings of countless women in WUAM, became a game for Jenny in this soap opera.

Within a twinkle of an eye, Consuelo sacked and threw Vanessa out of the house, now that Don Fernando had traveled out to La Paz, in California, for physiotherapy rehabilitation of his palsied hands. It was a pity watching this orphan thrown unto the streets by Consuelo.

It was also a refreshing surprise to see Maribel, L.F's kind-hearted prison mate, two years ago, become a nurse at the rehab clinic. She was the one who took care and conducted Don Fernando around the facility when he arrived at the premises.

If you have not read the whole story, don't forget to visit the site map and navigate through the whole story la hija del Jardinero, the gardener's daughter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Friend!! The Gardeners daughter is getting really interesting now and i'm happy that they are going straight to the point and not beating about the bush. What do you guys think about Fabian? Fatter and not so cute as he was in "when you are mine"????

Phil keep up the good work...Thumbs up.

Meanwhile friends, Check this out and keep it moving..

marbeeexcel said...

Hi fellow Gardeners! Really, the Soap is getting more and more interesting and tanx to Phil for her accurate summarries.It's still the same Fabian, just the kind of make-up he has this time around doesn't befit him as the 1st, then, also the voice-over isn't like d 1st. All the same, let's continue to enjoy the Soap while it last!