Thursday, March 08, 2007

Your Tricks Against You!

Vanessa Sotomayor was a product of a grand delusion. She was a 'graduate' in the Consuela's school of scams. She was filled with rage when she discovered that Consuela had sacked her boyfriend. She went t'o confront the 'wicked queen' on her 'throne' and in her steel 'palace'.

She delivered some lethal verbal blows on Consuelo. It takes a crook to catch another crook on a crooked path. Vanessa assured Consuela that, she had learnt not quite some few tricks from her, and would not hesitate to use it on her former tutor- Consuelo. She warned Consuelo that she would apply her old tricks on her for throwing her on the streets, and throwing her boyfriend- Orlando, into unemployment.

I consider it strange, that a woman full of wickedness could still have a space in her heart for romance with any man. Reuben is playing with fire, if he thinks that Consuelo is just a kitten like Lupe, whom he cheated on and dumped like a kitchen napkin. He has a shocking discovery awaiting him. He should have sought sound counsel from his best friend, L.A who never 'messed around' with the romantic snares of Consuelito.

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