Thursday, March 08, 2007

To Die For Love

Carlos Eduardo was at his humorous best tonite, in La Paz. He caused quite a stir at the restaurant, when L.F staged a walk-out on him from the dinner that Don Fernando invited both of them to, for reunion purposes.

He shouted to the hearing of all ears at the restaurant, saying that he loved her, and would kill himself if she should walk out on him. He picked a knife and made a motion as if he would stab himself to death. L.F stopped in her tracks when she saw this embarrassing drama.

You and I know that Carlos is a sober and rational lover. He only said this much to get his rightly deserved attention and affection from Luisa Fernanda. he won't play the suicidal madness game of Jennifer or the insane obsessive game of Alfredo. The episode tomorrow would show how the prime lovers of this telenovela won out together in the La Paz skirmishes.

Talking about Alfredo, much expletives have been rained on him on this blog by commentators. Alfredo is not a sportsman. He behaved badly like a little sulking child. He refused to take responsibility for the woeful failure of his emotional shenanigan. His scheme to trap L.F in a loveless marriage has fallen once again, flat on his face. This guy was a bad loser. Everybody knew he was in bad mood, as he gave the cold shoulder to, and was rude to all persons who encountered him, from Maribel, to Don Fernando.

Tonight, hypocritical Alfredo and Xochil were doing 'their thing' - kissing passionately and were oblivious of the world or L.F. This was the same man who had been sulking all about because L.F disappeared into thin air with Carlos Eduardo. The bubble of hypocrisy would soon burst in la Paz. wait till tomorrow to see how this hypocrite would be defeated.

If the first kiss on his aborted wedding day was a mistake, this second one was on purpose and went deeper. The third one to happen in Mexico, would lead to a disgrace for Alfredo because, L.F would catch them in the act.

Don't forget to prepare for Jenny and her entourage in la Paz, including her new lover, Guillermo. You can go right ahead of the crowd and read the full story, and what happens at the next episode 131.

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Anonymous said...

the restuarant episode wasnt funny to me. it was more like stupid. Did u see alfredo "choping"that mouth? na wa oh.