Friday, April 20, 2007

Chapter 1: Lorenzo- The Long-Awaited Hour Has Come!

Silvia (Adriana Louvier), was training very hard in her uncle's boxing gym, called "Gimansio Olympus". The punching bag fell under her hard blows. She called Conan, her cousin, to come and help her hang it again, and also to join her in training. He was reluctant because his father had warned him to desist from going back to the boxing ring, to avoid a fatal accident. Silvia promised him that she would not let Conan's father, who was her uncle, to know about the sparring session.

Laura (Carolina Tejera) beaming with joyous smiles, and day-dreaming that she was wrapped in the muscular arms of her lover in bed. She thought aloud, wondering when her dreams would be fulfilled. By her bedside was the handsome picture of Lorenzo, her husband, whom she had grown bored with, in recent times.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo (Guillermo Perez), was diving and swimming in the palatial pool. Silvia and Cónan continued training together in the gym. It took the arrival of Hercules, (Eduardo Cesti), Cónan's father and Sylvia's uncle, who owns the gym, instructing Cónan to release Silvia from the vice-like grip, which he had over her. He disapprove of women in the game of boxing, but Silvia insisted that she trains in order to equip her for self-defence.

Isabela Frugone- (Andrea Montenegro), the elegant stallion and ex-fiancee of Lorenzo, arrived from Europe into the lobby of ... Hotel and her luggage was transfered to her hotel suite. Full of vengeance and perfected plans revenge against Laura, for snatching Lorenzo from her a few years ago, and also against Lorenzo, for marrying Laura and believing the lie of laura against her.

Isabela's plans sprung into action as she secretly planned with a journalist to propagate her return to ... as a distinguished and successful industrialist, after a streak of successful investments in Europe. The front pages of newspapers were agog with the stories of her European exploits and return to ...

Hercules was at home, anxiously reading letters with Cónan and Silvia when his daughter, Nati arrives (Milene Vasquez), entered on her way to work. Silvia covered up for Nati when Hercules queried why she came late yesternight, saying she was not too late.

Mimi was dancing on her bed, practicing her rap music concert. The radio announced the arrival of Enrique Iglesias in Lima at the Hotel Holiday Inn.

Still in Lima, at the garment factory, handsome Orlando arrived and greeted Dulzita, the receptionist before conducting interviews for many girls who seek job at the factory.

While having breakfast, Mrs. Emperatriz (Empe for short) Zambrano (Camucha Negrete), told her two children Alex (Yul Burkle), and Mimi of the newspaper column that announced the arrival of Isabella, the "wealthy industrialist widow, who inherited a great fortune from her late husband, 6 months ago". She told them that Isabela was her late friend's (Eugenia), daughter and would love Alex to get married to this lady.

Silvia went to visit her fiance, Alex at home, the couple kissed as Alex opened the door for her. Silvia normally transacts business with her future mother-in-law, Empress, by taking orders and helping to sell the fabric from her garment factory.

After the couple left, Empe asked Mimi to escort her to the hotel where Isabela was staying. She had dreams and ambitions to get business patronage from this "wealthy industrialist" and also for her son, Alex, to 'dump' Silvia and get married to this "wealthy" lady.

Lorenzo arrived late and apologetic to a dinner with his wife, Laura, to mark the latter's birthday. Laura stood up, saying she was going to the boutique. She also advised her husband that she was bored with the traditional and romantic celebration of his birthdays alone with him in cozy restaurants, and this one should be celebrated with friends.

When Lorenzo arrived at his factory, called the "Paracas Textiles", he was welcomed by the receptionist, Dulzita, who informed him of the messages awaiting his attention. He instructed his secretary, Nati, to make reservations at a high-brow restaurant for a romantic dinner for two, to mark his birthday ceremony.

Orlando also arrived and informed Lorenzo of the newspaper reports of the flamboyant arrival of Isabela to Lima from Europe. Lorenzo showered praises on Isabela and Orlando asked him if he was still in love with Isabela, this was denied by Lorenzo.

At the boutique, Laura returned the romantic novel she borrowed to her Fashion designer friend, Giacomo. He told her that the adult content was too explosive for a married woman. Laura told Giacomo of the strains in her marriage to Lorenzo, because Lorenzo wanted her to bear children, but she does not want to have children because it would disrupt the serenity of her blissful life. She does not want to sacrifice her life for the burden of motherhood.

Laura was afraid of a romantic dinner with her husband tonite, because Lorenzo might raise the terse subject of child-bearing again at the dinner. Giacomo prophetically warned her that something may happen to abort the romantic dinner.

Alex was busy training his lady clients at the gym. One of the ladies, Sonia, suggested to him that he should change his career from Physical Fitness Trainer to Modeling. Alex replied that it was a very competitive industry, and he did not have any connections there. Sonia, assured him that she would introduce him to a VIP in that Fashion and modeling industry. Sonia promised to introduce him to Laura Benavides, and showed him a cover picture of enchanting Laura on a magazine.

Silvia instructed the tailors at the garment factory of Emperatriz that they would put in additional two hours of overtime, but they were angry because the old woman never paid overtime and was an exploiter of labor. Silvia assured them that she would convince the old woman to pay them their due, this time around.

Nati made an urgent call to her cousin Silvia, that her boss, Lorenzo, has ordered for the special wine and flowers which Silvia sells, to mark his birthday. Silvia assured her that she would rush home to bring them.

Cónan frankly told his father, Hercules, that much as he likes boxing, he has not yet decided his future career, between professional boxing or his other talents. He asked his old man to give him time to decide, and not to pressurize him.

Silvia soon had opportunity to practice her fighting prowess, when two miscreants snatched a briefcase of the money she just received from a client that owe her. She ran after them and caught up with them. A fight ensued, and she beat the two of them black and blue, based on her kick-boxing and self-defense prowess, the miscreant fled for dear life after being dealt with by Silvia.

Emperatriz and Mimi arrived at the hotel but were declined audience with Isabela. The old stubborn woman refused to go back. She wittingly obtained the suite of Isabella, and secretly made her way there. On getting to the door, she pretended to be a hotel staff and called out "Room Service", by the time Isabela came to open the door, she was surprised to discover that it was Emperatriz at the door.

Empe recounted the story of her childhood friend, Eugenia who was Isabela's late mom. Isabela recalled the betrayal of Laura, how she snatched her fiancee, lorenzo, several years ago.

Sonia succeeded in seducing Alex while he was taking his bath, after the fitness training at the gym. She stripped naked and before Alex could resist her, she told him that she 'wanted it' there and then in the male bathroom.

Laura came to Lorenzo's company and begged Orlando, the legal adviser, to invite more people to the romantic dinner, because she did not want to be alone with Lorenzo at the dinner. Then, Orlando gave her the shocker that Isabela has arrived in Lima and the news was in all newspapers. Laura was afraid, she shouted that " cannot be ... "

By the time Silvia arrived in Lorenzo's company wityh the special wine order, which Nati requested, she told nati of the attack of the hoodlums which she survived. nati asked to go and wait in the conference room.

Lorenzo came to ask the receptionist about the whereabouts of Nati, Dulzita told him that Laura was in the company premises, probably in the conference room. Lorenzo happily tip-toed into the conference room which visibility was poor, to surprise his wife, Laura. He caressed the shoulder of the lady siting with back to him, thinking it was Laura, saying: "... my Love, you are here ... "

Before Lorenzo could comprehend what happened to him, he was already sprawled on the floor because of the judo-throw that Silvia technically gave him. Lorenzo was shocked and realized that that it was a stunningly beautiful lady whom he had never met before. He clenched his fist in retaliatory anger, wanting to hit her. But he was enraptured and hypnotized by her beauty, Silvia too was thrilled by his soft and gentle touch on her neck.


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