Thursday, April 19, 2007

Befriending Mariana Ochoa

I recently came across Mariana Ochoa, a.k.a Luisa Fernanda of the Gardener's daughter fame, on her MySpace page. She has visited our Telenovela Garden here.

In her correspondence, she admitted her joy at the sheer number of fans that write her from Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. I don't need to woo her for a concert tour of Nigeria and possibly Ghana and South Africa too. She already admitted that, saying, "... I would love to go to Nigeria ... "

She is however busy producing her next musical album. She is also looking at how to integrate more English versions of her album with Warner Music, so that she could promote her musicals during the concert here.

We are already in talks with her and her manager over this package. I am also looking at how we could bring one of the latest telenovela here. I am thinking of "La Heredera" or "Amor sin Condiciones". She has referred us to the distribution/marketing company in charge of that. This is big money, not just blogging.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Phil. This blog is really paying off for you. Well done.

Anonymous said...

abeg dem go still show TGD for AIT again. we don dey tire o.
help me warn dem say dem go lose customers oo.

On a serious note now. when are we going to start again and what about buying the package ALL

Anonymous said...

Phil, i am really tired of logging into ur blog and be greeted with nothing. I'm sure u really felt it was such a big deal that mariana visited. anyway, i am really loosing interest and fast too. everything in Nigeria is always the same at the end of the day, all talk, little action and no continuity

Anonymous said...

Can you please update us on Rebeca and Lorenzo's wife?

I'm dying for more updates. Cheers and thanks for the good work

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you, everything in nigeria is thesame, all talks, little action and no continuity. You've been promising to update us on rebecca and lorenzo's wife and yet NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

anoymous said..

let them continue showing this on AIT as we are tired of waiting, though we understand what happened to them how the hoodlums envaded their station and made away with some certain tapes. but God will forgive them cos they don't know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Phil,u are doing a good in love with mariana ochoa,she is acting well.hope ait will show tgd again for the benefit of those that did nt watch it from the begining.