Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Desperate Greed and Ambition

In Lorenzo's wife, chapter 4, Silvia overheard when Isabela demanded that she should be sacked by Empe. She pleaded with Empe not to sack her, but Empe waved her away. After her departure, Empe felt bad that she had to sack Silvia in order to woo Isabela.

Laura had to send Tony and Mimi out of her company, when she met them quarreling. She said that their attitude could drive her customers away. She was later surprised to know that the boy was Giacomo's son.

Lorenzo was gisting with Nati about his birthday party and how Orlando came with fiancee, Gloria. He told Nati to alert him whenever Gloria calls.

Once again, Sonia and Alex met at the gym and she told him not to worry because, Laura was the opposite of Lorenzo, her husband, whom she was sure, would give him employment as a model at the boutique.

In a heart-to-heart talk, Laura confessed to Giacomo that she was taking contraceptive pills to avoid the embarrassment of pregnancy. She said she never wanted to, and Lorenzo did not know about this deception. Giacomo advised her to be truthful and tell her husband that she was not ready for pregnancy now. Laura expressed her fear, that if she told Lorenzo the truth, he may divorce her, and go to marry Isabela.

Silvia, on her way out, said farewell to all the young women working in Empe's garment workshop. They all loved her and declared with affection that they would miss her dearly. Empe came in to hurry her out, shouting on the workers to face their work, or face the same fate as Silvia.

Tony and Mimi went ga-ga to musical concerts in Lima, because of their common interest in rap music.

Hercules tried to discourage two young ladies who came to learn the martial arts in his gym. He believed that boxing and martial arts should strictly be for men, and not women. When Conan arrived, he told his father that he had registered for the upcoming championship competition.

Hercules was not too happy with Conan's decision because he needed that registration money to pay some outstanding bills. At that moment, Silvia entered, carrying a mournful countenance, but refused to tell anyone about what just befell her.

Laura advised Giacomo to use opportunity of the probational six months to give proper guidance to his son, Tony, before going to Europe with his mom. He told her that he hoped to introduce him to the modeling career, because he was good looking.

Nati confronted Orlando with the fact of his relationship with Gloria, but he lied by saying there was no relationship between them. When Nati revealed to him that Lorenzo also confirmed that he came to the birthday party with Gloria, he was evasive and gave her a deceptive kiss again.

Lorenzo notified Orlando that his fiancee, Gloria was calling him on phone. Orlando was worried by this public notification because, Nati heard it. He excused her, saying that Gloria was just a friend.

Silvia finally got the strength to announce to Conan and Hercules that she had been sack by Empe. When she told Alex on phone, he promised to talk to his mother to rescind her unpopular decision. Silvia told him not to bother.

Laura told Giacomo of her displeasure at the lunch date of Lorenzo and Orlando with Isabela. Giacomo advised her not to contest the date, but rather organize her own business date. So Laura told him to call Alex for a lunch date, to discuss prospect of his employment at the Boutique.

Silvia was told by her cousin, Conan, that Hercules was at the verge of loosing his business because of outstanding bills that were crippling it.

While waiting for Isabela at the restaurant, Orlando asked Lorenzo about the nature of relationship between him and Isabela. Lorenzo told him about the 4 year courtship he had with Isabela that was almost resulting in marriage, before Laura suddenly appeared in his life.

Orlando was shocked to know that Isabela was that close to him in the past, and warned him to be careful, and not foolishly take Isabela's new raproachmore for granted. Just then, Isabela arrived, apologizing for her lateness. During the business cum lunch meeting, Isabela assured them that her exports would double their profits in two years, if they accept her proposal.

When they asked for the bill from the waiter, Isabela told them not to worry, because she owns the restaurant and would write off their bill. They were both impressed about what they witnessed.

In preparation for the upcoming championship fight, Conan and Hercules were practicing in the boxing ring, Silvia came along and insisted, despite Hercules' objection, that she wanted to practice with Conan. After the sparring session with Silvia, Conan told her that winning the prized fight would pay all the outstanding debts and save his father, Hercules, from financial bankruptcy.

At last, Gloria came to Lorenzo's office to drop her CV, in the hope of picking a job there. Nati collected her resume and told her that Lorenzo and Orlando went out to a business lunch.

Giacomo and Alex had a business lunch together, where Giacomo told him that Laura was ready to employ him now. Alex told Giacomo of the gossips in the magazines that said Laura was incapable of bearing children.

When they returned to the boutique for trial photographs, Giacomo was informed that his son, Tony had been arrested by police. He had to pass the assignment to Laura, to handle the trial photos of Alex.

Laura drove Alex in her car to where the photographic session would take place. On the way the two of them became friendly, and Alex made passes at her.

Isabela came to inspect the manufacturing facilities and capacity of Lorenzo's textile factory. One of the engineers claimed he knew Isabela from photographs in the magazines and newspapers.

Silvia proposed to Conan to let her help him in the championship fight, by substituting for him during the fight.


Ayo B said...

Thank you Phil for a job well done. But if I may ask, what are the lessons one can realy pick from Lorenzo'wife. I just keep thinking about it. Do u stil have cuando seas mia?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with AIT???? They have stopped airing the gardener's daughter and Lorenzo's wife. Can't they ever be stable or can't we ever rely on them.
To Ayo b, what lessons did u learn from cuando seas mia or are u learning from the gardener's daughter??? my dear, they all almost have similar story lines. I see these telenovelas as purely entertainment and then pick one or 2 lessons from them but they are all thesame thing.
For me i think i enjoy Lorenzo's wife better than the rest, coz it's a different story line from all the rest telenovelas i have seen and it's more matured.
Any way like i always say, every body has a right to his or her opinion, one man's meat, it's another man's poison.