Thursday, May 03, 2007

Changing Gear: Blogging For Money

I marvel at times at why human capacity for forgiveness could never match that of God. My absence from active blogging in the last 10 days falls into this situation. My absence was almost unpardonable. I owe all you my telenovela friends and blogging community on this website an engraved apology for this silence.

Please, forgive my silence and absence. I have been doing some deep thoughts and reflections on how to make a good income from my writing passion. Instead of pounding the keyboard, I have been pondering and pounding my way out of mediocre blogging income. That was part of the reason for the abstention.

Secondly, two of my sisters whose weddings were postponed due to the by-elections, would come up this weekend, and I have had my hands full with travels and preparations for them, in the last ten days.

Thirdly, I have decided to change gear from blogging for passion to blogging for money. I have had a rich interaction with so many bloggers world wide in the last nine months, and the conclusion derived from this is that I must take my blogging to a higher and more productive blogging level.

Do you know that for the same or even lesser effort than the one which I am investing in the gardener's daughter, I could make TEN TIMES or more of the current average of $500 monthly income from this blog?

I have enjoyed the free services of Blogger.Com to host this blog without paying a cent. None of my colleagues who are making full-time income from blogging, use free services, because there are no free lunch anywhere in reality. They all have their blogs independently hosted and paid for, including paying for domain name registration.

It was a pain for me to learn, albeit slowly, that I had left opportunity of making a full-time income slipped through my passionate fingers and PC keyboard, in the last 9 months, for the same or lesser effort than I had put in the gardener's daughter.

How? None of my blogging colleagues, (some also work-at-home-moms), make less than $3,000 Dollars monthly, from their blogging activities. Many of them don't even command my current level of traffic and pageviews.

So, I have registered a domain name and also paid for a new and independently hosted blog- STORY-STORY DOT COM which would be on air or cyberspace in the next few hours. That doesn't mean that our blog here- The gardener's daughter would go extinct, this is not a valedictory speech, I would still be posting telenovela stories, and would, in fact, complete La Mujer de Lorenzo, (Lorenzo's wife).

To you: Omodesola, Blesyn Joseph of Pluto Girls World, Philip Effiong, mamaJ, 5Alive, Natty, Charity, Jumi and, many others too concerned for my absence, in the last ten days. I love you friends, thanks for your personal mails of concern and goodwill towards me.