Monday, April 16, 2007

Sentimental Gamble

Gambling is one game I hated because of its unpredictable and sometimes, anomalous reward patterns. Lottery is one thing that I abhor, because it carries along with its surprise winnings, a womb of inconsolable sorrow.

I believe in honest labor that earns an honest income. That is predictable and inevitably rational pattern. I am comfortable with that logic, but gambling? count me out.

On Friday 13th April, 2007, under the euphoria on the eve of Nigerian elections, I made what looked to me then, some cool and safe choices of about six 'governors-in-waiting' list, and went to sleep, forgetting about my choices for the moment.

Two days later, by yesterday, Sunday 15th, I was rudely woken up from my telenovela electioneering fantasy with reports of an election marred by violence and unspeakable atrocities.

I had compiled a "Wish-list" of Fashola, for Lagos, Adams Oshiomole for my State, Edo, Dr. Fayemi for Ekiti, Theodore Orji for Abia State, Mimiko for Ondo State, and Aregbesola for Osun State. Three of these guys were my husband's personal friends or comrades, and that was why I call it a sentimental gamble.

I suffered from the mirage of a peaceful transition of power. A mirage which turned out into a migraine, when my favorite candidates who were supposedly leading and electorally doing well, suddenly suffered a violent invasion of their dreams as political hoodlums hijacked ballot boxes, and the magical outcome we all know now.

A level playing field is a modern prerequisite for a fair chance of winning in any game, but that was precisely what has been conspicuously missing since 1999, and has not been restored, even in this 2007 elections.

So much for my gubernatorial fantasies. I am not a politician, but instead of burying my head in shame for the brazen gangsterism and blood-letting, been celebrated by the powers-that-be, as a 'Free', 'Fair' and 'Sucessfool' elections by INEC, I would rather bury my head in an avalanche of telenovela stories that have been missing from this blog in the last two weeks, particularly, Lorenzo's Wife.

I am not ready to gamble away my Presidential sentiments, now that I know that my wishes could easily be distorted by the crude wielders of power in the land.

I have a good news though for you. I got the result of a new website. STORY-STORY DOT COM, registered and hosted by my hubby and my brother, from Ireland, during this election and for the next 12 months, for our entertainment.

I discovered that fellow bloggers like me, who didn't put in 20% of my efforts on this telenovela blog, were making TEN TIMES of what I earn monthly from this passion. So, when I told my hubby about my observation, he set the ball rolling and, thank God, we are set to explode, any moment from now.


Anonymous said...

we have been bombarded everywhere with this politics stuff, u can imagine how painful it is when we come to ur blog to escape all that and find pleasure in telenovela and is met with the same old song - politics. Even youcan do better than thi now, for two weeks u have more ar less ignored us - ur fans, no word, no reason for the silence, we care and are worried. what is hapenning?

Emmanuel Olofin said...

In Nigeria, Phil, it is much better to put a distance between you and politicians - even "friends". The have a few things in common.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd rather not have a dose of Nigeria politics in this blog. Phil, you've been outstanding so far. We'd prefer to keep the telenovela news in this blog and discuss politics elsewhere.