Friday, May 18, 2007

Befriending The Tigress of Vengeance

Giacomo advised Laura that the best way to beat Isabela in her game is to go out of her way and befriend her, instead of open antagonism. He told her that by this means, she would be able to know what Isabela may be planning ahead to time.

Laura too advised Giacomo not to impose career decisions on his son, Tony. She advised him to allow Tony to follow his passion for music. She told him to encourage and help the young lad to be an accomplished musician.

Nati would never get tired of being suspicious that Orlando was involved with Gloria. Orlando would never get tired of denying any affair with Gloria. To settle the argument, Orlando proposed to her that she should prevent Lorenzo from getting in touch with Gloria for interview. Nati too asked Tony to push the résumé of Silvia favorably with Lorenzo.

Silvia was at Emperatriz garment workshop seeking information about how to get a loan when she saw that Conan was already in the ring with Titan. She excitedly told the factory girls that he was her cousin and they brought out a TV to watch the fight.

On seeing that Titan was gaining an upper hand over Conan, she quickly told the girls her plan, and they sew an emergency outfit like that of a masquerade to cover her face and body. She wore it and rushed to the venue of the fight to challenge Titan for the $3,000 Championship Prize.

Two cunning women, Empe refused to sign partnership agreement with Isabela until her lawyer read it. Isabela was disappointed that Empe did not trust her. Empe promised to return the Agreement to her next day.

Mimi was by the ringside to support Conan, so was Hercules as his coach. Nati was caught by Lorenzo while she was watching the fight on TV at her office. Lorenzo told her that Glory was more qualified than Silvia, because, she had a university degree. He however promised to look at Silvia resume later.

When Empe arrived at her workshop, she noticed every worker glued to the TV watching the fight, she also noticed that a clothing material was missing, and accused them of theft. No one confessed that the material was sewn for Silvia's masquerade attire for the fight with Titan.

After the victory of Titan over Conan, a new masked fighter arrived, to challenge Titan. Nobody knew that it was Silvia. With her superlative skill in martial arts and self-defense, she defeated Titan, employing also the combined tactic told her by Conan from Tony.

Giacomo brought the new model pictures of Alex to Lorenzo and he approved that Alex should take part in the upcoming photo shooting. When Orlando saw the pictures he thought that Alex was the latest gay lover of Giacomo, but Lorenzo told him not to pry his eyes into Giacomo's personal affairs.

Empe sent her son, Alex, to take the Agreement, after she had studied and signed it, back to Isabela. When he got to Isabela's suite, both were mutually attracted to each other. The natural tempter in her woke up, she told Alex to look the other way while she dresses up. Alex used the mirror to spy on Isabela while she was naked and dressing up.

Silvia fought and defeated Titan by utilizing the secret told her by Conan. She hit Titan on the left knee and gave him a pinfall. She was awarded the $3,000 Cash Prize. She was mysterious masked fighter whose real identity, nobody knows.

When Silvia got home, she told Hercules and Conan not to mourn their loss of the fight with Titan, that God has provided the needed $3,000 by other means. Meanwhile she had gone to confess the source and gave the money to Nati, instructing her to tell Hercules that it was a loan advance from her office.

The cunning game continued, as Laura followed Giacomo's advise and went to Isabela, telling her that she wanted to befriend her afresh, and that she should forgive her for her past 'sins'. An unusual friendship was struck between both of them, neither of them trusting each other. A case of once bitten, twice shy.

Silvia was shocked to see pictures of Alex, posing as a semi nude model in Lorenzo's hand. She told Lorenzo that Alex was her boyfriend. Silvia was upset that Alex was no longer confiding in her, because Alex never told her about his new adventures into modeling.