Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Invitation to Temptation

The swimming temptation was enough an invitation for Alex, He rushed like a bull to the China's shop. On getting to Isabela's suite in the hotel, he pounced on her like an hungry wild animal, sweeping aside her initial protestations and resistance. he practically 'mauled' her, she melted under his romantic ferocity, she succumbed under his aggressive emotional thrusts. She was 'conquered', was she?

In the midst of this romantic conquest, Lorenzo appeared, Isabela had to quickly hide Alex away in the bathroom, where Lorenzo could not know that he was around.

Lorenzo brought the final draft of the agreement on business partnership, to export textile designs to Europe through Isabela. He also used the opportunity to apologize to her of jilting her 8 years ago, and abandoning her for Laura. Isabela told him to forget about the past and move forward to the future. He didn't know that she had prepared a revenge plan packaged for him and Isabela.

As much as Lorenzo tried to shield his private visit to Isabela's suite, his noble gestures were thwarted by cunning Isabela. She came to spoil the dinner of Lorenzo with Laura, when she burst in on them at her restaurant, and expressed an hypocritical concern that Lorenzo never told her earlier in the afternoon, when he visited her in her suite that he would be coming for dinner at her restaurant, so that she could prepare her best specialty dish for them.

Lorenzo was dumbfounded, and this painted him in bad light before Laura, with probable insinuations that he was secretly dating Isabela. Laura was shocked and infuriated by this latest revelation.

This perfectly fell into the wicked schemes of Isabela to create disaffections and doubts, thereby breaking Lorenzo's marriage to Laura.

Isabella consolidated her revenge plans by calling Gloria on phone to tell her that she would get her the job of secretary at Lorenzo's Paracas Textile, in return for exclusive devotion and loyalty to her (Isabela). Orlando was suspicious about the phonecall that Gloria received and which suddenly changed her attitude. She became more loving and promised that she would no longer break up with Orlando, as she had been planning some few minutes ago before the phonecall.