Monday, May 28, 2007

Children's Day Blues

It's their day. We may be too consumed at times to pay attention to what our children's right were. In my own case, my three angels- Gratitude, King and Gbemisoke (Glory), woke me up from my internet preoccupation.

They reminded me saying: "Mummy, it's children's day, let's go out to celebrate it". The 27th day of May, every year is the International Children's Day, so, my children practically dragged me out to mark it at the amusement park.

It was huge fun for these innocent ones as they merry-go-round, riding horses and posing for photographs taking lessons in swimming. For me it was a great outdoor fun because, being a housewife that just recently took up the vocation of a "Work-at-home-mother" working round the available time on my desktop PC. It was 'liberation' leisure.

Happy Children's holiday to all children on this occasion. Totally oblivious of the strike call by the trade unions and civil society groups, my children saw this holiday as another big fun and joy.

As I returned with them back home, it was a refreshing difference and was able to post this little piece. It was a short telenovela break for me, as I took a reflective attitude towards my web lectures that I have been attending on net for the past week.

Now I hope to resume, barring disruptions of electricity supply due to the strike and the latest petroleum pump price increases.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi phil,

i must say you have really done a great work in putting all of these together.

but now that you have made us to be at the edge of our seat and expectant, i dont think it is ok to just wet our appetite and leave us hanging and salivating.

if i remember and i am correct, i read your posting on the secrets to successful blogging shared by your mentor, and one of the secrets is that you communicate with your fans on a regular interval.

i am surprised that we've only been reading promises from you for some time now but we dont have what you promised yet, and worse still we dont know why.

i must say you are appreciated cos if you didnt start this, we wont have what we have, so this is no scolding.

i just wanted to remind you a little about your commitment.

have a great time