Friday, June 01, 2007

Omodesola Tango: A Friend Like A Sister

"I wish, I have a friend, saying Yesss, to my dreams..." The theme song of the Skye Bank adverts on TV is so melodious and sweet that even though, I don't bank with them, my family and I enjoy it so much. It is classic and romantic.

Omodesola Ilechukwu is one friend that I met, just like you, on my blog here at the Telenovela Love Garden. There is a love tango growing between her and me. A love wand has begun binding me to this amazing lady of gentle mien.

We have so many things in common,

1. We both hailed from Edo State in Nigeria.

2. We are both happily married to wonderful men from another tribe. (my Husband is Yoruba while hers is Ibo),

3. We are both Christians, and I suspect we both drank from the same spiritual well. (at least for a period, I was of the David Oyedepo stock, and I once heard her spoke affectionately about Bishop David Abioye).

4. We are both young at heart and visionary (ambitious).

5. We both have lovely children and have passion for the family.

6. We both live at a stone throw to each other (I only knew this yesterday).

There is this magnetic attraction between two people, that strike right on, at the start of a relationship. Omodesola is my friend, and that friendship is growing into a sisterly bond. She is one person who did not allow my birthday last month, to go without a showering of precious gifts.

She ventured to deliver the package through a dispatch rider to me, (I had to stop that royal treatment, so I could meet her physically, first). Hear her: "I would not have forgiven myself if your birthday should pass without my knowledge". These are things that Blogging has brought my way, you see why my passion for blogging cannot die? They (treasured relationships), are more than whatever Google and other revenues from this blog could offer me.

Things are still happening great between us, like yesterday... I thank God for the day when I met you. You are gem and rare treasure. I would cultivate and appreciate your lovingkindness and generosity.

Best regards to your family, my family.

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