Sunday, May 06, 2007

Little Bride and Her Friends

Wow, I returned from Benin city this afternoon, after the wedding of my two younger sisters, which have taken a good portion of my attention in the last two weeks. What amused me most were the 'three angels'- my daughter, Gbemisoke, and her two cousins Bukky and Isabela (pix right).

They made the wedding go 'waya' with their grandiose, attention-grabbing pose, which I called "Little bride and her friends".

Now that I am done with all the marriage ceremonies, I would compensate those long days of my absence with, a load of "Lorenzo's Wife" episodes. Thanks for your support and understandings.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, have you considered changing the name of this blog 'cos you no longer talk about TGD. Moreover, I think this site needs better organization, it looks too busy and crowded. All said with the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

we are still waiting for the load of lorenzo's wife as compensation