Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One Million Pageviews To Mark My Birthday

Birthdays are landmarks that are normally celebrated with a definite sense of achievement, even if that 'achievement' is that you are still alive, and living. It is therefore natural for me today, to cast a retrospective glance back at the four decades, that I have lived on planet earth.

The outcome of that retrospective excursion was a sense of great indebtedness to the Almighty God, my husband- Hon. Aderemi Ojikutu (he doesn't like that prefix, he believes honor is a virtue that oozes out of a man, not the external one attached to his name), and many of you who are regular members of this telenovela garden. You have made a positive statement by patronage, in the last 9 months together on this blog with me.

The proof of that statement is the one million and ninety five thousand, eight hundred and thirteen pageviews (1,095,813) and over 178,000 visitors generated by you all in 9 months!

I am particularly fulfilled today because you made me a trailblazer, in telenovela blogging. There was no such niche on the world wide web 12 months ago. You can check and search the web. Until you made me to come forth, with blogging telenovela, there was nowhere in the world where telenovela blogging as a niche exist.

That is what made our telenovela garden here, the number one telenovela blog in the world today. That unique position carved out has helped to give us an identity as a pace-setter in the web industry, from the corner of my living room.

Today our blog here is ranked PR4 by Google, and Alexa ranking of 196,000th most popular website out of the 108 million websites in the world. That was no mean feat in just a few months.

In 9 months, I have made incomes of a few thousand Dollars from this blog, and that made me proud and dignified. See the reason why I feel a sense of indebtedness?

Now, all I need from you fans, particularly those of you who have noticed a downturn in the production of telenovela summaries and snippets from this blog. Pray for me, for strength and courage to fulfill, (in the next seven months), the promise of 20 best telenovelas, which I promised you in January.

The future of telenovela blogging would be explosive, but I am happy to be a pioneer in this niche, though it is taking off slowly now. Another dream I have is to be able to tutor and mentor 20 other people to go into problogging (that is, earning incomes that would be the envy of full-time work, from their own blogs), by the time of my next birthday in 2008, God willing.

I thank the management of GT Bank Plc, Iwebtool, Adsensechat, and others who have already sent me goodwill messages this morning.

Now to get down and finish the Job- Complete Lorenzo's Wife (La Mujer de Lorenzo), REBECA and give Catalina y Sebastian a shout! Rubi, Rebelde and Ugly Betty would most likely be transfered and posted on my new blog Story-Story dot Com, as soon as it is up and functional.