Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Rivals Encounter

Gustavo was the first to break the good news to Sebastian the next day that Catalina had agreed to marry him. He was excited and headed to Catalina's house to confirm the news.

Meanwhile, Silvia's obsession with Eduardo drove her to drag him into humiliation by making him to go with her to Catalina's apartment, to tell Catalina to her face that, they would be going for their marriage at the registry next day and she should henceforth stop hustling after Eduardo.

After they left, Catalina wept sorrowfully for the humiliation. While weeping, Sebastian came in unnoticed and overheard her saying: "... I love him". He misunderstood her to mean that she loved him -Sebastian. She concurred, saying yes I loved you.

When the news got to Emilia that Catalina had accepted to marry Sebastian, she deployed her wiles to obtain Catalina's address in Mexico from the detective. She went to Catalina's apartment, to threaten her that she should not meddle with Sebastian because Sebastian belonged to her.

Cataclysmic Catalina was not to be intimidated by Emilia. She countered by declaring that Emilia was a desperate looser, seeking for ways to trap a man that did not love her. Emilia called her a poor gold-digger who wanted top marry Sebastian for his money. Catalina banged the door on her face.

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