Monday, June 18, 2007

The Marriage Trap

This is episode 8: Emilia has inadvertently fast-forwarded the marriage plans of Sebastine and Catalina, by her jealous interference in that relationship. After her fierce encounter with Catalina, she went to pass the night in Sebastian's apartment, hoping to lure him into his bed. She was disappointed to meet Romero there. Sebastian even made sure she slept on the couch in the living room.

However, in the morning, he and Romero made the mistake of leaving her behind, alone in the apartment because she had not woken up when they left for work. When Catalina showed up at the apartment to discuss wedding preparation with Sebastian, alas! it was a sleepy Emilia who opened the door for her.

Another round of altercations began between them as Emilia lied that Sebastian was her lover, and that Catalina was just wasting her time. She retaliated by banging the door on Catalina's face. Catalina went back home deeply hurt, and demanding that Adela should find her another millionaire husband, because she could not tolerate Sebastian having other lovers.

When news got to Sebastine that Catalina had gone to his apartment, he knew there would be trouble, so he ran to Catalina's house to explain the presence of Emilia in his flat. Adela told him that to proof his genuine commitment to Catalina, he should give her an engagement ring immediately and fix a date for the wedding. He had no option but to agree with her, and he went out shopping for wedding ring with Ricardo.

On his return, he gave Catalina the engagement ring and also gave a huge 'loan' to Gustavo to offset his mountainous debts. While they were all having a sumptuous dinner, Sebastien received a phone call from his father, Lupe asking him to come home for dinner, He had to leave immediately when he sensed disappointment in the voice of Lupe.

When he got home, Lupe conceded to his desire to marry Catalina, but not without his prior notice and that, Sebastian should bring the young girl to introduce to him. He also warned him not to do anything stupid, like getting her pregnant before being sure that she loved him not because of his money. Sebastian agreed to his father's conditions. He returned to the city to break the good news to Catalina.

Eduardo made a last ditch of penitent efforts to reconcile with Catalina. He visited Catalina in the company of Luis and Alicia, but were shocked to meet Sebastian there and also to be informed by Catalina that they were already engaged to be married. Eduardo returned home disappointment and urged Silvia to let them get married the next day at the court registry.

Later when Catalina realizes that the true reason for Eduardo's visit was for reconciliation and marriage proposal, she foolishly rushed to his flat in the hope of restoring her lost fantasy. She got a devastating shock when she opened the door and saw Silvia and Eduardo, who told her tomorrow would be their wedding at the registry too.

When Sebastian arrived, it was obvious that Catalina was not happy and was still reluctant to go ahead with the wedding. Suddenly Adela pretended that she fell to the ground gasping for breadth and holding her heart. Catalina panicked and the woman was rushed to the hospital.

This was part of the grand design by Adela and Gustavo to tricked Sebastian into marrying Catalina with Sebastian. She demanded to see the two and declared with a pretentious weak voice that she had a heart problem and would die soon, but not before they fulfill the last wish of a dying woman. She told them to get a marriage registrar (Judge) so she could witness their 'marriage' before she gave up the ghost.

With eyes streaming with tears Catalina agreed to fulfill her mother's manipulative 'last' wishes.
The judge came and they were pronounced husband and wife, in presence of Adela. sebastian knew he had incurred the wrath of his dad, for not consulting or notifying him of his emergency marriage to Catalina. A marriage contrived from the wicked and horrible heart of Adela.


CHINWE said...

i know i do enjoy your posts a lot but what actully worries me is the habitual act of leaving your readers half way into an interesting storyline. several occasions you made pledges to give an assumed number of postings at some targetd times but most times none of those pledges were met thereby putting your readers in unnecessary suspence or at worse loss of interest. whatever that happened to UGLY BETTY, LA HEREDERA,Amor Sin Condiciones (Love Without Conditions),All About Camila (Todo Sobre Camila,Lorenzo's Wife? who knows how far you will eventually go with Catalina y Sebastian and REBECA before you break again. pls if these are so much for you to handle, i would suggest you take them little by little at a time other than rolling out so many with the intention of pleasing you numerous readers only to disappoint them. i trully appreciate your huge spirit and effort. pls keep it up!

Anonymous said...

i would actully want to know if these postings are just snippets or sumaries of the stories. if snippets , why not use summaries which are more detailed?