Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Confusionist Game

Antonieta was playing games with the life of Don Guadalupe. Petra came to warn her that, if she doesn't stop inciting Carmelo to search for a non-existent proof that he (Carmelo), was the son of Lupe, she threatened to expose her to the whole village that, she had a son and he is living.

By the time Martina and Lupe arrived back at the ranch, her attitude had changed towards her boyfriend- Romero. This sent Romero into a state of sorrow, and he went to the bar to get drunk. He already suspected that vanity boy, Ricardo, must have deceived Martina during her trip to the city.

Lupe also confessed to Sebastian that Catalina was specially kind and courteous with him while he was at the city.

Martina asked Sebastian to advice her on how to recognize when one is truly in love. Sebastian asked her to tell him why she was interested in such sensitive subject. She confessed to him that Ricardo kissed her when she was in Mexico city, and she had an irresistible feelings for him, but did not know if that was love. Sebastian warned her that Ricardo is the worst in the Negrete family and should not toy with him. He advised that Romero is a cool, affectionate and responsible guy. Notwithstanding all these counsels, Martina later called Romero and broke up with him. Romantic Romero was stunned!

Adela was disappointed to learn that Catalina had traveled to the ranch to meet Sebastian. She told Gustavo that she had sealed a deal with Carmelo, and Catalina has only spoiled the deal by returning to live with Sebastian in the Ranch. Ricardo however comforted her by telling her that rich ignorant girl, Martina, had fallen in love with him.

When Carmelo heard that Catalina had returned to the ranch, he rushed to the foreman's hut to charm her. He was more gentle and pretended that he only wanted to be her friend. He lied to her that Sebastian was a drunken brute and she would soon discover that he was a drunkard and would abuse her. Sebastian was furious to see Carmelo chatting happily with his wife. He indicted her that she could not do without the companionship of any man. If it is not Eduardo yesterday, it would be Carmelo today, and who next, tomorrow?

Having sown confusion and distrust, Carmelo left the couple to slug it out. Sebastian chose to sleep on the couch while he asked her to sleep on the bed. While he pretended to have slept, Catalina woke up and began to weep, saying that he should forgive him for her past mistake. She poured out her sorrows and frustrations, talking to herself, over her unreciprocated love for him. Later the next day, Sebastian went to warn and forbid Carmelo from coming to the shack or chatting with his wife.

Emilia was offended because Carmelo insulted her, and she responded that she was going to 'spoil' Carmelo's enjoyment by going straight to Catalina to tell her the truth that, Sebastian was the true son of Lupe and that she was only being tested. Would she carry out the threat? Next episode would determine that!

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