Thursday, July 26, 2007

Revived from the Shadows of Death...

The virtues of Catalina as an industrious and caring lady with compassion and conscience has begun to emerge, even to the confusion and consternation of her skeptics. As Lupe fainted and collapse on the floor, Catalina took charge and began to roll out instructions for first-aids, to the two girls - Martina and Luisa.

Catalina succeeded in reviving the old man from the shadow of death. By the time the physician arrived and diagnosed Lupe. He announced to him that, he just suffered a bout of heart attack and would need total rest, until comprehensive medical attention is administered on him.

He protested, saying he does not want to spend the night in the house of those whom he did not trust (referring to Catalina and her family). All the courtesy extended to him by Catalina were rejected or reluctantly accepted by him. He and Martina wrongly believed that she was a phony 'actress', trying to be to be nice to them. He bluntly told her that the only thing that would make him better is if he she leaves Sebastian alone by divorce.

Catalina overheard Martina and Luisa hotly arguing in the living room. Martina accused Luisa that her sister (Catalina) of witchcraft for having done something to Sebastian, because Sebastian is still madly in love with Catalina, despite all what Lupe had done to separate them. This was sweet music and great news to the ears of Catalina, she began to make up her mind to travel to go and join her husband (for the third time), in the ranch.

Adela the leach was having great funfair at the ranch because of the exquisite reception given her by creepy and cruel Carmelo. When Sebastian arrived in the ranch, he was told by Romero that Adela was being given grand reception in the mansion by Carmelo. Sebastine stormed out of the Cantina to confront and order Adela the greedy parasite out.

Carmelo came to challenge Sebastian, telling him that in the absence of "his" father, Lupe, only him- the "son" Carmelo, is in charge, and Sebastian should not embarrass his guest (Adela) anymore. Sebastian had to 'step-down' to avoid uncovering the secret plans he had.

Ricardo performed some romantic city-magic (kisses and neckings), on Martina at the penthouse, and suddenly, Martina was swimming in cloud nine, she even told Lupe to relax and spend as much days as possible at the penthouse. Lupe was confused by the sudden change of attitude by Martina, who had been very antagonistic to the Negretes, but now friendly and relaxed.

Carmelo's confidence has grown so much that he even confronted Sebastian in the kitchen that he (Carmelo), is the real and true son of Lupe. Sebastian was mad with irritation but was caged by his own ridiculous identity change and six months test for Catalina.

Meanwhile, rumors began to fly around that Carmelo was keeping Antonete as his mistress because people see him going in and coming out of her house at odd midnight hours. The truth however was that Carmelo did not want his conspiracy with Antonete to be known by anybody, including Adela, that was why he night-crawls to have meetings with Antonete. By the time Adela left the ranch, Carmelo gave her loads of money to help him woo Catalina.

Sebastian became hungry and dared not go into the main house to eat, because he doesn't want Adela to know that he was the true son of Lupe. Suddenly the aroma of a sumptuous meal being cooked penetrated his nostrils and he followed the direction which eventually led him to Carmelo's former shack where he Sebastian, now lives. He was astonished when he entered to find Catalina in the kitchen cooking his food.

Before Sebastian began to challenge her for her surprise appearance, she told him that as his wife, her place is by his side and not at the city. she also explined the evil tricks of Emilia assuring him that the encounter at the restaurant was a trap set by Emilia for Eduardo and her.

Petra took courage and came to confront Antonete with the ugly secret she had ran away from for over 30 years. That her son is alive and not dead, and would soon show up!

(Remember Antonete had paid a handsome money to Petra, some 30 years ago to help her drown her newly born baby-boy in a remote river. Petra wisely took the money but disobeyed the evil agenda to kill that son. She raised the son, lying to all around her that the boy was her unknown sister's son. I wont be surprised if Carmelo was that bastard son).

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