Monday, July 09, 2007

"Serve Me For Six Months"

A big quarrel broke out the next day between Martina and Emilia on the one hand, and Catalina and Luisa on the other hand. Martina called them unprintable names for deceiving her brother(?). Catalina and sister were confused, wondering how the foreman be a brother to the daughter of Guadalupe.

Two strange women, Antonete and Emilia sealed their agreement with an understanding to get Sebastian to impregnate Emilia, now that Catalina has supposedly been taken out of the way.

The Negrete family were afraid to return to their debt-ridden penthouse in Mexico. Creditors were awaiting them, to put Gustavo into jail for multiple loan defaults. Alicia offered her flat as a refuge for them, Adela characteristically despised the offer, but in the absence of alternatives, she swallowed her pride and accepted to hide for a while in Alicia's until the atmosphere is cool.

Emilia started intense lobby and wooing of Sebastine. At last, Sebastian came out of his huge depression and addressed Catalina with the terms of divorce settlement: " ... SERVE ME FOR SIX MONTHS AS MY WIFE, FULFILLING YOUR OBLIGATIONS AND I WOULD GIVE YOU YOUR FREEDOM AND DIVORCE AFTERWARDS!"

Sebastian went round the town to warn everybody to cooperate with him by maintaining the lie that he was don Lupe's son.

Time of repentance has come and Catalina went to the prayer altar. When the priest questioned her about what was bugging her, she confessed that it was her parents who wanted Sebastian's money and she cooperated with their evil plan and lies. She however told the man of God that, she has genuinely fallen in love with Sebastian. She was afraid Sebastian would not believe her.

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