Monday, July 09, 2007


stranded catalinaSebastian was grossly disappointed to realize that Catalina and her family deceived him. He angrily walked away from the wedding ceremony. As the Negrete family tried to leave the 'stinking village' there told by their foe, Emilia that she had sent the Limousine driver to leave without them, they were astonished to find out that they were stranded.

Emilia made sure, with the help of Carmelo, that no room the only hotel in town was made available for the Negretes. When they arrived there, the manager told them that all rooms were fully booked and no vacancy.

Catalina angrily walked out on her family and headed for the woods, Alicia followed in her footsteps. They got lost in the forest and stumbled on a grieving Sebastine. It was a bitter encounter as Catalina demanded for Divorce and Sebastian vowed to to give her a divorce easily. He left her in the forest and walked out. It was old Panchito who led her out of the forest and took her to the church where she got a refuge for the night.

Petra came to the rescue of the wandering, humiliated and stranded Negrete family. She took them to spend the night in her shack. Adela in her vanity despised the house of Petra, calling it below standard. Gustavo was humble and grateful enough for the refuge.

Sebastian apologized to Lupe for for not having believed in his 'wisdom' which ultimately exposed the Negrete family and Catalina as gold-diggers, but he clearly stated that he was not ready to end the affairs with Catalina, and he would make her to pay a high prize for her treachery and deception.

Enter Jessica! Old family lawyer and friend of Lupe. His name is Chucho, he is that grandfather of this girl called Jessica. She too, like Emilia was obsessed with Sebastian. She was counting on her grandpa's influence as the Mendoza family lawyer, to woo or even trap Sebastian into a love tango with her.

Meanwhile in Mexico city, Silvia and Eduardo were finding it difficult to co-habit. Eduardo too felt stranded with Silvia with the departure of Catalina for the Sebastine Mendoza ranch. Luis, his friend told him that he has a "second chance" because the marriage of Catalina and Sebastian did not take place after all, from the gists supplied by Alicia from Hacienda. Eduardo was happy and began to plan to divorce Silvia, so that he could marry Catalina.

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