Wednesday, July 25, 2007


When a friend described telenovelas as an escape from reality, I was offended because, I thought otherwise. Telenovelas hold so much lessons of life for many a gullible fellow amongst us.

Yesternite, Catalina fell so badly for the tricks of her mortal foe, Emilia. Even when vanity boy (Ricardo) warned her that Emilia would never be good enough to surrender Sebastian to her on a platter of gold. She despised Ricardo and was blinded by her emotions for Sebastian. She was beyond reasoning. She headed straight for the appointed 'meeting' with a 'defeated' Emilia at a restaurant.

My husband asked me why didn't Catalina meet her enemy on her own terms and at her own ground, and not at a venue dictated by her enemy? I answered that was why it was called telenovela. He laughed and said "tele-la-suspense"!

Having cunningly set up Eduardo, Catalina and Sebastian to meet at the restaurant, Emilia withdrew to Sebastian's apartment to await the uproar. While waiting there, Don Lupe and Martina arrived and found her there.

Emilia told them that Catalina had been cheating on Sebastian in Mexico city by secretly dating Eduardo. She told them that Sebastian had gone to the meeting place to catch them in the act. She convinced them she was only in Mexico to help Sebastian expose the slut Catalina.

As soon as Sebastian was well seated at the restaurant, Eduardo strolled in and Catalina also walked in, looking out for Emilia. In rage, Sebastian went to them saying he does not need any more proofs that they were cheating on him. He stormed out of the restaurant.

Eduardo tried unsuccessfully to convince Catalina to forget about Sebastian, but she confessed to him that her love for Sebastine: is irrevocable and irreversible!

Adela was able to travel to the ranch with the 1,000 Pesos alms given to her by Kiki. Carmelo who had been very cruel to all the workers in the ranch since Lupe handed over to him and traveled to Mexico. He was happy with the arrival of Adela, who told him to sack Sebastian because the 'foreman' was refusing to give Catalina a divorce so that she could come to marry Carmelo.

Emilia announced to Lupe and Martina that Sebastian has finally caught up with his cheating wife in the arms of Eduardo, and has been terribly disappointed. He and Martina decided they would go to the Penthouse to comfort Sebastian.

Catalina met Emilia, and before she could open her mouth, Catalina gave her a whopping slap on the face, hot enough to knock her to the floor like dead! Catalina told her that was for setting her up in a trap with Eduardo to provoke an uproar between Sebastian and her.

Emilia had to go straight to the gym to work on her physique because of the unbelievable strength of Catalina. Sh was hoping to retaliate and beat Catalina in the nearest future.

Catalina arrived at the penthouse and met Sebastian on his way out. He told her that he was on his way to the ranch for a few days, away from her betrayal, and warned her that if she dates Eduardo again behind him, he would testify against Gustavo in court for owing him too.

As Lupe knocked on the door of the Penthouse, Catalina opened it and was surprised to see Lupe and Martina there. Catalina told them that Sebastian just left for the Ranch. As Lupe, in anger, began to scold Catalina for making his 'foreman' unhappy with her unfaithful behavior, he crashed to the floor and fainted.


Anonymous said...

this is lovely, but pls post the full story or at least post future episodes to relieve the suspense.thanks

Emmanuel Olofin said...

Well, well, Phil, I believe your hubby is a hundred percent correct. And you are right too because these so-called foolishness should teach the wise a lot of lessons. After all these stories are just re-statement of realities, may be with some embellishment here or there. What I find uncomfortable in this "Comedy/tragedy of lies" is the ease with which Emelia - the lying snake, or smiling mouse (take your pick)- is spreading here chains of lies. Can any truth come out of her mouth - not even her declaration of love for Sebastian seems to be true. I believe she is the original gold-digger! Carry-on blogging. EAO

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Yes, Egbon mi,

Emilia is another thing. I believe Love is not a prized commodity, to be struggled or fought for in order to "posses" it.

Love is a living being, and must be dignified with wooing and courtesy, not scheming and treacherous lying (as Emilia, Jennifer de la Vega etc.).

Love, like a living personality, is either present or absent between people.

Whenever it is absent, it is utterly ridiculous to turn to vodoo merchants to conjure the spirit of love back to life.

That is what the likes of Emilia and Jessica are doing w.r.t Catalina and Sebastian.

funmegoni said...

hi , philo tanx so much 4 d episode sent but cld u pls post future episodes just to relieve the tension at least.

Mbundu Elvis Blaze Wizzy said...

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