Friday, September 21, 2007

Kill and Carry!

creepyThe melodrama of Catalina y Sebastian telenovela continued yesternight with the the hot disputations and confrontation between creepy Carmelo and Don Guadalupe Mendoza. That hot paternal argument in the remotest part of the ranch's forest led to a physical struggle between Lupe and his lunatic foreman Carmelo. That struggle gave birth to an accident, ... Lupe was mistakenly pushed by Carmelo and He fell ... albeit on hard rock and fainted!

Carmelo lost his balls and rushed to call his mentor and motivator, Marcelo. When Marcelo got to the scene of accident he too thought that Lupe was already dead. He suggested to his creepy little 'boy' to carry Lupe to the river and drown him there in order to make people believe that he accidentally drowned with his horse.

In the midst of their talk, Lupe groaned with a subconscious pain, and they were startled to know that he was still alive. Marcelo, the cold-blooded mastermind, carried a heavy stone with the intention of finishing the shoddy job which his creepy 'boy', Carmelo, could not finish- to kill Lupe. But for the protestations of Carmelo which stopped Marcelo mid-air, Lupe would have 'crossed over'.

A new plan was devised to 'capture' Lupe and make him 'disappear' from public glare. Marcelo was to kill and drown Lupe's horse to make it look like Lupe too drowned with his horse... What a tragedy and a travesty of fatherhood and compassion!

Please don't spoof at the melodrama in this telenovela, it is rather a great lesson for many unwary simple-minded ones out there among us. When Kiki's parents helped their driver's daughter (Adela) to receive the same education in a highbrow school for the rich, nobody could imagine that the same girl would return to hate her parents and live a false life that ruined every member of her own family in future.

When Lupe showed compassion on a little orphaned boy and loved and raised him "like a son" to become the 'governor' (foreman), of his ranch. He never knew that he had created a false impression and atmosphere for a venomous snake to be bred right under his nose, which later would 'bite' him to death.

I am not advocating that we should not shower compassion on the less privileged, (far from it, I am an over-generous and compassionate person too). What I am saying is that we should not treat the less fortunate ones who came for help amongst us, like they dropped out of a statue books. They have the same emotions as we do, they are not stones, they could also yield to some of the vile weaknesses of humanity that we too succumbed to at times. Temptations are for both rich and poor too.

Once you are sensitive enough to notice traits of unbridled ambitions in a supposedly humble fellow whom you were gracious enough to help and bring close you, then you better CORRECT it or it would CONNECT you to a future tragedy.

So much for now. My children are back in school, but a different one because of my residential relocation. It took me the last two weeks to search out a proper and fitting school for them. It was similar to the search for a new apartment last month, which took toll on me recently. As an educationist, I could not just enroll my children anywhere in my new location. The humorous truth is that I am paying three times what I used to pay as their school fees, because of the aroma of palatial Ikeja, as compared with the suburb where we were coming from.

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Emmanuel Olofin said...

Congrats Phil, that you have a befitting school for your children. I do hope the quality of education there compares very well with the cost. As an Ekiti man, I know the value of education especially since it is the only legacy one can leave my children. God will provide what to train them with.

Concerning this C n S Telenovela, I somehow sympathize with Csmelo who appears to be a victim of the evil plans of Marcelo. As an orphan without any known roots, it is not surprising that he wants recognition - even if by force. Such people fall into one of two moods - wanting people to recognize them and enjoying the euphoria of being accepted, or rejecting the whole humanity as they crawl into self-thickened shells. Camelo wanted to be loved and accepted and Marcelo worked on this weakness and Camelo's greed for riches which is seen as a path to the recognition so much desired. It is a lesson for us all as you rightly pointed out.