Friday, September 21, 2007

Was The Honeymoon A Lie Too?

AnguishYesternite's drama peaked with that profound question which Sebastian could not answer. These past episodes, Sebastine has become more heady and wallowing in the pool of his own foolishness. The lack of answer to that question, pungently posed by Catalina to him, was also a product of lack of wisdom on the path of pampered boy Sebastian.

Sebastian was always too cheap and too fast to believe that Catalina was an unscrupulous 'actress' acting out a lying script written by Adela. He arrived at the Penthouse with his gullible entourage of Martina and Romeo Romero, which included Jessi-b*tch, and introduced her as his new girlfriend.

In a fit of jealous rage, as Sebastian began to kiss Jessica openly, to spite C+atalina. She confronted him and challenged his absurd believe. She queried him if the honeymoon they had together was also a lie! (obviously, he brought her into womanhood from a girl during the honeymoon).

Sebastian was not a student of logic, if he were, he would have perfectly fitted a curve into the weak manipulative frames of Adela, Emilia and Jessica. The round robin trip begins again afresh from now. Emilia would recede into the background with her cold-blooded lover Marcelo, but Jessica would pick the baton of deception, and Sebastian would remain a weak whipping boy in her deft manipulative arms, oh what a horrible fate.

The prolonged kidnap, captivity and eventual death of Lupe through the vicious hands of Marcelo and Carmelo would dominate the scene of this telenovela.

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Anonymous said...

The honeymoon was not a lie but Seba is confused. He thinks he is strong and in control but he is weak, spoilt and vulnerable. Unfortunately, most people are like that. If you listen to suggestions from everyone, you end up a pawn like Seba.