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Blogging Plus Telenovela Equals Exploits!

Aderemi OjikutuWhen I resigned my teaching appointment in a private secondary school, four years ago, I never taught I was leaving Biology and Chemistry teaching for good, and never to return. I thought that, as soon as I gave birth to my last daughter, Gbemisoke, I would return to the teaching profession, nay, it was not to be.

My husband wisely truncated that move. Today I earn ten times more income from Blogging than my last teaching job, and that, with peace of mind, from the comfort of my living room.

My mentor and husband, Aderemi Ojikutu, began patiently to tutor and nurture me into what today, I call "the school of blogging". Those tutorials have come full circle, as I begin a series of web celebrity interviews with notable achievers on the web and naturally, he was my first candidate.

For me this interview was another shock and redefinition of what, I have always known or understood to be a guru. He told me that "... you are not a guru if you are alone, you must help at least 100 other people to replicate your results, otherwise, you are a lonely con-man in cyberspace..."

Aderemi OjikutuHe also formulated a new arithmetic for me when, he told me that: when two passions combine together, they would result in explosion, e.g telenovela passion combined with blogging passion = Explosion. What other passions are out there, to be titrated with blogging? ...hear more from the "horse's mouth"

Q: Who is Aderemi Ojikutu?

A: Aderemi Ojikutu is a God-fearing, knowledge-economist and web activist, spurred on by the unimaginable possibilities obtainable and available on the web (internet), for third world countries, particularly Africa and Nigeria. This is my current passion, and it aptly captures what, or who I am.

Q: What do you mean by Web Activism?

A: Yes... a web activist is one who practically 'lives' in cyberspace and actively participates in the developments over there, either by initiating, contributing or writing articles to help other active internet users. Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt each have 5 million internet users out of the total 20 million internet users in Africa. Nigeria's case is pathetic when you consider her huge population, that is less than 3.5% of the population. I have been actively online since 2003, but by 2004, my web activism spilled over into BLOGGING.

Q: In essence, can we then call you a blogging Guru?

A: No, I object to that epithet. "... you are not a Guru in a field because you are highly skilled knowledgeable in that field, ... what we have now, parading themselves over the web space are self-centered con men, or miserable 'knowledge gurus'. What the web world needs now are 'result Gurus'. You must be a guru in result before you become a certified Guru in your field. Until I have a hundred bloggers, trained by me who earn above a thousand dollars monthly (living income), like you, solely from their blogging activities, I am not a guru, no matter what I claim to know.Aderemi Ojikutu

Q: How do you plan to achieve that goal?

A: Which goal? ... You mean 100 bloggers earning a living income of $1,000 monthly from blogging?

Q: Yes!

A: I am planning to unleash a series of 5-day seminars (Mon-Fri), I mean, a wave of imparted knowledge, about blogging secrets over the next 70 days, to close this year on a superlative note for our people, till December. Out of the participants, I hope to gradually build an army of successful bloggers who would place the indelible stamp of Africa and Nigeria on the global map of the Blogosphere!

Q: When is your take off, and where is the launching pad?

A: Monday 29th October to Friday, 2nd November 2007. At Programos Training School, Mende, Behind Maryland Shopping Complex, Lagos, Nigeria.

Q: Is the training programe FREE (FOC)?

A: Yes... in a way, it is. It is awoof, when you consider the venue and rich content being made available... 3 Best Students emerging from each class would also cart home special prizes like a complete PC Desktop and other related gifts which are worth 3 times more than the =N=10,000 being paid by each student for the course.

Q: Your schedules did not accommodate people who desire a change of career to Blogging, but are presently locked-in, from Mondays to Fridays full-time work. Any plans for them?

A: Don't worry, we are planning to cram the 20 hour, 5-day seminars, into weekend crash courses for busy executives, who may want to dash in from Abuja, Kano, Port-Harcourt, and other areas, for a snappy but loaded time with us on weekends.

Q: You mentioned earlier about a 'blogging army', what precisely do you imply by that phrase?

A: The Army in any nation is a specially trained, equipped and disciplined group. It is also a privileged group, catered for, and even pampered because of their high risk vocation. That is precisely what I have in mind, we want to train and arm a select group of youths and women with blogging skills that would kill web mediocrity and poverty!

I want to equip and put a blogging bomb in their hands, to detonate and blow poverty and ignorance to smithereens.

Q: In one statement, tell our readers what they stand to gain by enrolling for the Make money with blogging seminar.

A: One statement cannot contain what is about to explode from Nigeria unto the blogosphere. The web world is already carved out into specialized areas, with the 'specialists' in each field pulling the strings that control the flow of income into that field. Blogging is one of these specialized fields. We are in a knowledge-driven global economy; to surrender to ignorance would be a crime against our glorious destiny as a nation, on the web.

Aderemi OjikutuGeneral knowledge picked from the 'streets' of cyberspace would only result in general results. Specialized knowledge acquired through training, is what would deliver exploits for you on the web.

One 'small boy' called, Eric Nakagawa, woke up ten months ago, in January, and started a blog which today generates over 25 million page views monthly, overthrowing the traditional guru blogs from Technorati to become the 14th most popular blog out of the 70 million blogs in the world.

He rakes in more Dollar of advertisement money than you can imagine. All these in ten months! The secrets of his rise, are what we shall be teaching, sharing and applying in our seminar. You will never become a reference until you have references too! FORTUNE 500 companies are seeking to buy up good blogs, and if that becomes impossible, they would buy up advertisement space on good blogs.

Q: As a family man, how do you combine all these with your patrimonial front?

A: (laughs...) Thanks to you. You are a very supportive wife. I am a fulfilled husband and father because of your matrimonial solidarity. That is why it was easy for me to quickly schooled you into the blogosphere. Today I am reaping that reward in a contented wife, happy mother and successful and industrious blogger.

You are my very first-fruit in the blogosphere. It took you almost one year to attain the $1,000+ monthly blog income, but that was because you are a busy housewife with other matrimonial responsibilities. With this structured course coming up now, that target can be achieved by many in 90 days of focused blogging!

Q: Finally, Any last word for our telenovela fans?

A: TELENOVELA is all about romance and passion. Blogging too, incidentally, is also an expression of passion. When those two come together... it results in explosion of passions, which you are currently experiencing in your blogging career.

PASSION is the fuel that drives the vehicle of career success. I appeal to all telenovela fans on your blog to look inward, if they find any other passion in their lives, they can dare to mix it with blogging, as you did with telenovelas... An explosion greater than yours would be the result.

Look here, ... there is a billion internet users out there seeking and searching for someone who share the same passions with them, and who can turn that passion into blogging. That is what Eric Nakagawa did with his passion for cats! Locate your passion and you are half way to your throne...

What more, 25 million small-scale businesses are out there spending over 20 Billion dollars annually on advertisement on the internet, to draw customers and generate leads to their companies, your blog can partake of that 'annual booty' if you are well positioned!

P.S. You can read more detailed information about the "BLOGGING FOR MONEY" course on my other blog.

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