Saturday, October 20, 2007

Get Rid of this Mortal Rival!

Andre continues going crazy...when Isabel and Angela were out of the house, he went to Pedro’s study and he wanted to destroy everything. He took most of the photos of Pedro and threw them away, he throws thing about on the floor in Pedro’s study, He kisses the photo of Angela’s mom, and asks for an axe to chop up the piano and the photo in the study. Valeria comes in and defends Pedro’s things in the library. Andre throws her to the floor, but due to the insistence of the servants, he is unable to do anything more.

Salvador and Angela come and are saddened by what has happened and see Pedro’s things burning on the floor. Salvador overhears Isabel criticising and arguing with Andre. He goes to where his (Pedro’s) photos are burning and says to himself ‘There wasn’t a murder in the house, as he is very much alive, Pedro is still alive and things much more worse were coming to them’

To shorten the episodes that happened in August , Cantalicia finally found Philippe (the Priest’s Uncle), who saved her from being mugged, and she went to live with him with Mancho, her son. They meet Andre and Isabel on the high-way, but they did not recognise each as they are hooting each other as Andre almost hit Philippe’s car. Later on, Philippe calls the house and finds Rebecca.

Rebecca visits him and is appalled to learn Salvador has a son and a wife, and much less someone who is shabby and a lowlife. But this gives her ammunition to blackmail Salvador to go out with her. She refuses to tell Cantalicia and Philippe about Salvador and goes away from them.

[In some earlier episodes, Rebecca was so disappointed that Salvador kept on rejecting her, so with the Advice of a friend, they went to Matilda (who has a love and hate relationship with Gaetana) to do a witchcraft reading for her, and Maltilda told her to come with a photo, lock of hair, a clipping of a nail, and a glass which were her lover’s) Maltilda did not know that the man Rebecca was referring to as her lover was Salvador supported her and Gaetana at the bar.]

Antonio’s handwriting expert, who is also Antonio’s lecturer, confirmed with his life that Salvador’s handwriting was an exact copy of Pedro; they were in fact the one of the same person. Antonio went directly to Gaetana’s house where he found Pedro...when he went to talk to Pedro, and said that, that either him (Salvador ) and Gaetana were playing a tricks on the family, or Salvador was actually Pedro.

He looked at Salvador and knew the truth that Salvador was Pedro. (Although Salvador had not admitted anything). In fright he run away from Gaetana’s house, with Pedro (Salvador) after him. Later, Antonio got into a bad accident when he fell with Simon’s motorbike, although Salvador brought him back to the Donoso house, Antonio was too shocked to speak and for some days, he could not eat by himself or even talk, knowing Pedro was Salvador kept him in extreme shock. Andre and even Angela planned in putting him in a mental hospital...

One day, Walter overheard Salvador and Isabel arguing in her room, from the arguments, he (Walter) deducted that Salvador had compromised Isabel. Isabel (who actually is not annoyed at Salvador, but at herself for falling in love with Salvador), threatens Salvador that she was 'capable of anything to get rid of Salvador'. Salvador took that as a threat, the two were fighting almost physically when Walter purposefully entered Isabel’s room to prevent the fight from continuing. Walter went and told Andre about the fight, and what he overheard in the fight.

Andre saw that the best thing to do was to 'get rid of Salvador', he told Walter to cause a distraction. Walter did so by lying that he saw some thieves in the forest. He, the guard, and Salvador went to investigate, and unknown to the guard and Salvador, so did Andre. When Salvador was alone petting the dog in the forest, then the dog started barking as he turned to see what the dog was barking at, he saw someone (Andre), but Andre quickly shot him before he (Salvador) recognized him...


Anonymous said...

In addition of the snippet(episode)25 information. detailed conversation.
-Back on the Donoso house.Andre start to feel his right in the house.

Andre with a kane's(Don Pedro donoso)and Walter have conversation in the study room. Where Andre plan to destroy anything that belongs to the late Don Jose Pedro Donoso in the library and he soon plan to become his office.
Andre: told Walter get him some sledge.
Walter: ask if he really serious to destroy this things.
Andre: replied with sigh and says ' of course.
walter:How will let out this thing
Andre: He will chop them into small pieces

But that time, Antonio was shocked what he sawed in the library all the books was scattered and he saw Walter And Andre with Sledge Hammer on hand . Antonio Runs as for help and seek Valeria.Then everybody was in the library abigail,two maids,the cook ,antonio and valeria.Valeria try to stop Andre of what he was trying to do . But then, Andre replied that if he could talk to valeria alone. Everybody went out in the Library except andre and valeria.
They had conversation ,valeria explain that his "Andre" have no right to do such thing like this.Andre replied"there's nothing you can do about it" Valeria your not the owner.
When Andre with the sledge hammer try to destroy/chop the portait of Angela's mother, suddenly valeria went in front of Andre says" That before you destroy the portrait you must kill me first"
Andre intendedly hold the hand of valeria and set him aside.Antonio with abigail,walter and the maids suddenly get inside of what they hear crying.Antonio was arguing to Andre With the hand of hammer he plan to something to Anntonio. But Abigail get between two and says" Sr.Andre enough of this, you cost much enough of trouble""I will not let you hurt anyone"
Andre was out in the library with walter.

But when the time Angela"s back home with Salvador from the factory. She was shocked of what see saw some of the portrait and book's of his father was burned outside.
Angela suddenly go to the library saw some scattered books and destroyed table.And says"I just went out a few hours in the house and this what's happen.
Salvador was in the library offer his help says to Angela" That he would do anything to put the things the way it used to be. Antonio also offered his his help to Salvador to clean out some messed.
But when Antonio return some books in the shelves,Salvador abruptly get the books.
Antonio asked Salvador why your afraid to see some secret bottons( A switch botton were the portrait of angela's mother open as a door way to the secret room) which Antonio showed Salvador.
Antonio; do you know about this
Salvador: No, When did you know about this
Antonio: One time when he return some books on the shelves he suddenly see it the the secret buttons.
Salvador: Anybody know about this
Antonio: No,Why should we just push the button.
Salvador: No ,we don't know what is that for or maybe for the calling of the maids

Anonymous said...

In addition of the snippet(episode)25 information. detailed conversation.

Father Giacomo is a freak.Why?

Why did he let to show the newspaper picture of Salvador to Cantalicia,even though before she has no interest anymore of seeing Salvador.

Father Giacomo is always the one who makes the trouble.Now he has problem of why did he let picture of Salvador to see Cantalicia.
Cantalicia is always bothers of seing Salvador seeking for Father Giacomo for help where Can she found salvador.
Father Giacomo Replied says"If Salvador has still interested seeing both of you along with muncho,Salvaor will come back"

Why would Cantalicia still interested and forcing his self to
Salvador/don pedro to love her even though they don't even recognize them.
One thing Cantalicia already accepted when his husband(salvador)has died before why can't she face the fact that salvador is now different when she met.


ivan wabwire said...

andre is a very bad man he has lust for everything i wish he disappears from the movie thou he keeps it more interesting.

ivan wabwire said...

andre is not a good guy.he has no love or feelings for any one.