Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Catalina Or Nothing!

Ricardo began in earnest to earn the role of a Gigolo, "in love" with Silvia. She told Eduardo that she would give the gym to her new 'lover' Ricardo. Eduardo was not bothered one bit. He was more worried and wanted to win back the love of Catalina at any cost.

He declared to his best friend, Luis, that it is either he wins back Catalina or nothing else would matter in his life, as he would prefer to go to his grave regretting the mistake of trading Catalina for Silvia's money.

He went visiting Catalina but met Sebastine there. When he thought that Sebastian would begin another fight with him, Sebastian just smiled sarcastically and advised him to look elswhere for a wife, becaiuse both of them (Eduardo and Sebastian), have lost Catalina to the newly richest man in Mexico city, CARMELO!

Eduardo went into a rage and wanted to fight Sebastian for his disparaging remarks against Catalina. JessIKA came to the rescue by publicly kissing Sebastian, in order to spite Catalina, and they left afterwards for the restaurant. She warned him never to fall in love with Catalina again, that was a hard task for Sebastian, he excused her to be left alone.

With captive Lupe gradually regaining his memory, he became more dangerous to the ambition of Carmelo, but he loved him so much, he did not want to get rid of him at least, not now. He knew that his days were numbered.

Antoniete and Emilia engaged in counter blackmails. Emilia taunted Antonieta about her secret and unacknowledged son, she too replied by saying she would expose Emilia for her secret love affairs with Marcelo.

Patricia, Silvia's close friend warned her against Ricardo whom she accused of double-dating with Martina. Ricardo hotly denied this and almost fought Patricia for attempting to spoil his prospects with Silvia.

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