Tuesday, October 02, 2007


If Catalina were a Yoruba girl, from South West, Nigeria, in Africa, perhaps the equivalent of her name would have been KATAKATA. If that was so, then, many people from her tribe would not have been surprised by the vicissitudes that visited her destiny.

Katakata means trouble and trauma. It means confusion and tribulation. It means a whole lot of bad things..., In fact people would have advised her to first change her name in order to effect a destiny change. Jabez had to change his name from 'Sorrow' before his coast was enlarged with abundant joy and blessings. My heart went out to Catalina this morning in her troubles.

Right from her family, her two greatest adversaries were her mom, Adela, and her elder brother, Ricardo. Her next adversary that changed her destiny radically was her ex-boyfriend, Eduardo and her former arch-rival Silvia. Not done yet, her true lover and husband, Sebastian, was made a convert in the school of hatred by other envious foes like Emilia, JessIKA. Her father in-law never trusted her, neither did the friends of Sebastian vouch for her integrity. There was no peace at home nor at the ranch nor on the streets for her. At the end of the day, you can count her truely loyal friends on your fingers: Alicia, Luis, Petra, Kiki, Claudia, Gustavo, Luisa who else?

Gradually Sebastian seem to be creating a space in his heart for reconcilliation with Catlina, but unfortunately, Catalina seems to be shutting her heart's door to a possible reconciliation with him because JessIKA seems to dominatly occupy Sebastian's heart nowadays.


Emmanuel Olofin said...

Phil, Katakata. How apt! I never thought of that. It fits so well. "Oruko" really "nro" Katakata. Otherwise how can one move from the edge of heaven to the hottest path of hell so often? Unfortunately, we have been stranded in Kano at the episode where Sebastian, Martina & co hurriedly went back to the ranch. Thanks for helping us to fill the gaps, even though this thing about Sebastian softening up is lost to us, having not seen the episode(s).

jenny said...

Emmanuel nice comment my name is jennifer.i just started writing posts.i really find the stry really interesting.i would be coming to nigeria next year pls can i know when they start another soap opera.