Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Isabel Compromised Valeria - Snippet 45

The subject of friendship was brought to the fore with this episode of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. May I ask you "WHO IS YOUR FRIEND?" Every time you befriend a questionable character, get ready for unpleasant compromises and surprises.

It was a pain to me every time Valeria defends and supports Isabel. Now in this snippet, Isabel has compromised her into lying about the circumstances surrounding the death of Andre.

Andre is a devil no doubt, but Isabel is not a saint either. Let's read on from Tessie's recaps. Don't forget to read the full story of el cuerpo del deseo in the sitemap I am building.

Later in the evening, Isabel went to the house. Valeria was happy to see her, but was concerned about Andre and asked about him. Isabel told Valeria that she did not know where Andre was. After further persuasion form Valeria Isabel told Valeria that she had a fight with Andre and could not remember what happened.

Valeria was worried about Isabel and Andre, and wanted to go out and find Andre. Isabel refused her and confessed to Valeria that she had a fight with Andre and when she defended herself, Andre fell in the Lagoon. Valeria wanted to run and save him, but Isabel told her that he was dead. Valeria could not believe Andre was dead, maybe Isabel was mistaken, Valeria was sure she could save Andre wherever he was.

The keeper came in and Isabel lied to him that Andre was asleep in his bedroom. Valeria was upset; she asked Isabel why she had lied to the keeper. Isabel said that it was for the best, because if she told the keeper that she had a fight with Andre, she could be implicated for nothing and be sent to jail. Valeria was not convinced that Andre was dead; she asked Isabel if she tried saving him. Isabel kept quiet and Valeria thought the quietness meant that Isabel did not try to save Andre (she still does not know Isabel killed Andre). Before Valeria could say anything, Isabel got more upset and went to sleep with Valeria.

...somebody with water soaked shoes and trousers went back to the country house. The camera later shows a wet Andre taking a fire-place poker, and going to the sleeping form of Isabel and hitting her with it...

Isabel woke up screaming, that Andre was killing her. Valeria who was next to her comforted her and Isabel realized that it was just a dream and is relieved.

During the same evening, Simon went into Isabel’s room and tried to look for Mr. Krugman’s country house address, but Rebeca found him out and reprimanded him for trying to steal. The household came to see what the noise was about, and Simon explained himself. Rebeca gave up and gave Simon the Isabel’s address book.

The following day Simon found the address of the country house, and went to the factory and informed Salvador. Salvador went to get Isabel, Andre and Valeria. Simon asked him if he could go, and Salvador agreed (neither of them know that the other is interested in Valeria).

Meanwhile back at the Country house, Isabel wakes up early and informs the keeper that she cannot find her husband. Can he please look for him? The keeper goes around the house, and later takes the boat to the lagoon where he finds Andre’s body floating in the water. The keeper man run to the house and informed Isabel, and Valeria who is awake that he saw Andre’s body floating in the water. Isabel does not want to see but Valeria asks the keeper to take her to Andre. The keeper showed Valeria the body of Andre which was faced down in the water, and raised Andre’s head. Valeria was devastated.

Valeria was devastated and asked Isabel to call the police. Isabel once again used reversed psychology on her and told Valeria that if she wanted her (Isabel) to be implicated in a murder she did not commit, then she could call the Police and send her (Isabel) straight to jail. Valeria was devastated, but she tried to call the police, just to find out that the telephone lines were not working. She than asked the keeper to run and call the police.

Meanwhile, Salvador and Simon asked for directions to the country house, where a man directed them. When they reached there, there were many police cars. Salvador had a bad feeling about the situation. They were prevented from entering the house by the police but Isabel recognised them and told the police to let Simon and Salvador in. Isabel lied to the police that her husband had slept in the house during the night and went missing in the morning. The police insisted that they wanted to speak to Valeria.

Isabel went to call with Valeria. Valeria was upset that she had to talk to the police. Isabel told her that if she didn’t want to talk to the police, then she should not have called them in the first place. Valeria wanted to tell the truth, but Isabel shouted at Valeria and told her that if she saw it fit to contradict Isabel and send her (Isabel) to jail, then she could go ahead and do it. She then threw Valeria out of the room.

Valeria was devastated and was feeling guilty as she told the police that she had not known for how long Isabel and Andre had gone missing as she was reading a book (it was a lie as she wasn’t reading a book, instead she had tried looking for them as she had been worried), and that she had seen Andre in the evening sleeping peacefully before he went missing in the morning (which was a lie as Isabel had made her say that so as not to contradict Isabel’s statement).

Salvador and Simon were listening. After Valeria was asked questions, she and Simon hugged. (Salvador like Valeria obviously thought it was a brotherly hug). Later, Simon and Salvador went and saw Andre’s body near the lagoon. Salvador wished he had been there to prevent it, as he was sure Isabel had something to do with it...

Endeavor to read the next episode - Snippet 46: Time-Bomb of Scandals!.


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