Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Retribution and Vengeance Spree - Snippet 43

We are still romping in the vengeance episodes of El cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. We are just one episode away from the horrible death of a villain and tyrant- Andre Corona. He died in a mortal and mutual hate combat, by the hands of his mistress and wife, Isabel Aroyo. If you are in a hurry and want to get rid of Andre, I mean, if you want to know how Andre died, you can skip this Snippet 43 and jump straight to the site map for el cuerpo del deseo to read Snippet 44.

Meanwhile, let us follow Tessie's recap:

Rebeca went to Philippe’s house, where Cantalicia was working as a maid and lived with her son Mancho. She waited until Philippe left the house, and went to see Cantalicia. Cantalicia was happy to see her, but she told Rebeca that she had given up on Salvador, and that Salvador was happy she was no longer after her. She even told Rebeca that she was thinking of going back home as she couldn’t leave the ranch alone.

Rebeca told her not to give up on Salvador as he most probably loved her and offered to take her to where Salvador worked one day. Cantalicia was very happy that Rebeca was finally helping her [Nobody knows Salvador had a wife (though the original Salvador had never married Cantalicia formally, he just lived with her and had a son with her) and a son except for Rebeca and Antonio]. Rebeca warned Cantalicia not to tell Philippe about their arrangement and she agreed.

Back in the country house Valeria had a tour of the place. Valeria told the keeper that Andre was not well in the head. Later, the keeper even showed Valeria a deep lagoon. However he warned both Isabel and Valeria that the Lagoon was very deep and thus it was not safe. Later, Valeria was about to tell Isabel about her true-love, Salvador, but before she could mention Salvador’s name, Andre had a mental episode where he started screaming.

Isabel went to see Andre and saw that he had broken a bottle and injured his hand. She tried to clean his cut hand, but Andre felt pain and refused. She gave him a sedative at which Andre said it was poison. He accepted the sedative Isabel gave him and told Isabel that he did not care if he died as she belonged more to the resurrected Pedro, more than him as she was his first wife. Isabel told him to stop being insane.

Andre told Isabel that she had given herself to Salvador as she had known it was him (Isabel did not completely know Andre was referring to Salvador). Isabel was puzzled and an argument erupted between them and Isabel withdrew her gun and Andre withdrew the broken bottle. The sedative Isabel had given Andre started working and Andre fainted to sleep. Isabel hid her gun and Andre’s bottle and allowed the keeper and Valeria into the room. The keeper helped Andre back to bed.

Valeria was upset and was worried about Andre. Isabel comforted her and told her that if Andre did not get better by the following day, she would take him to the mental hospital. When Valeria left the room, Isabel told herself that tomorrow, everything would be over, or she would be damned into an eternity of hell.

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