Friday, October 26, 2007

Many "Wifes" of Salvador

It is stranger than fiction to watch the melodramatic pitch which the el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela has gotten to now.

Of the many women of Salvador, we know of the shabby and stubborn peasant Cantalicia, we know also of Isabel, but there is also Aunty Rebeca, Valeria is also falling over hills for him, I am not sure if Gaetana is interested in him or his money.

I want to bet that Valeria may win at the end of the romantic games. (Though I saw pictures of a wedding ceremony involving Salvador and Isabel) may be, it is just for adverts sake.

Any way, I have revived my Telenovela Stories blog now and I have posted Snippets from 1 to 32 or thirty something on the sitemap go check it an feast of it freely.

I have Snippet 28: Murderous Pretender!, Snippet 29: Return of Vengeance, Snippet 30: Pregnant and Distressed, Snippet 31: Stood Up Date!, Snippet 32: Andre On the Precipice of Romantic Death, Snippet 33: Surprised Wedding Filled With Tear Drop(s). Always visit and even bookmark the sitemap for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) telenovela, for your entertainment and fun reading.

Nairalanders amazed me yesterday, I had over 2,000 visitors and fans of this telenovela coming to my Telenovela Stories blog to read it, don't let the Nairalanders beat you to it, don't let them colonize that blog and throw you, the legitimate telenovela landlords out (since the days of the gardener's daughter- la hija del jardinero), ... go and take over!

As for those Abuja friends and fans of this blog, I would communicate with you through Stella what my husband's decision is, on the possibility of coming to organize "BLOGGING FOR MONEY" workshop over there.

Stella, pls expect my letter later today, Love you all, happy Novelatainment!

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larrybelle said...

Hi why can't we get on to the site of El Cuerpo Del Deseo. It had been difficult to get on the site for a long time and i would like to get the full story from there