Saturday, October 27, 2007

Snippet 35: Tripple Dating

Tessie is still in charge of our telenovela recaps. I have updated you up to, how Salvador 'conquered' about 4 women who adored him. Now let us follow Tessie, don't forget to visit the sitemap of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), if you must enjoy the flow beginning from snippet 1 to date.

Father Giacomo, upset with Uncle Philippe's way of living tidies up Philippe's house. Philippe was also upset as an artist, he kept his things in a particular order so as to work with them. Therefore Father Giacomo went to the Donoso's house and found Antonio. He told Antonio that he needed to talk urgently with Salvador, about his wife and son. Antonio is shocked, but he promised to tell Salvador.

Meanwhile, Salvador got an opportunity after a long time, to talk with Valeria who informs him of a musical concert she wants to go to. Salvador informed her that he could not go, as he had some other business (a blackmailed date with Rebeca). Simon, who did not know that Salvador was also interested with Valeria (Valeria thought Simon was just her friend, as Simon has not confessed his feelings to her), offered to go with Valeria, but his mother Abigail refused.

Earlier, Salvador had looked at the newspaper advertisement of the concert Valeria was attending and therefore he decided to take Rebeca there for his date. There he enjoyed himself, especially after Rebeca discovered Valeria was also in the same concert... Soon afterwards, the concert was abruptly terminated due to an emergency. People saw the smoke and started rushing through the entrance, during this stampede time, Rebeca got separated form Salvador due to the masses of people rushing around and started calling out to him.

Meanwhile, Valeria was in real trouble of choking due to the smoke, and of being trampled on. Salvador came to her (Valeria's) rescue and took her out of the building. Meanwhile, Rebeca cried out for Salvador and eventually came out of the building to look for Salvador, she did not find him and therefore she went home all by herself with a broken shoe heel and a torn dress.

Valeria thanked Salvador for saving her. They decided to take a walk as the streets may be filled with people after the commotion... and it was here that Salvador asked Valeria what she thought about him. Valeria noted the similarity Salvador had with Pedro and yet they are so different.

It was here that Salvador gave Valeria her first kisses. When Valeria got home, her Aunt Rebecca asked if anything unusual happened as she came so late, to the amusement of everyone, Valeria told her Aunt and Isabel that she had the most joyful night of her life and the music could only be compared to that of Pedro. (None of the three- Isabel, Valeria or Rebeca knows that Salvador is going out with all of them as they have kept their relationship with Salvador a secret to each other).

Antonio finally told Salvador about Father Giacomo, and promised not to tell anyone. Meanwhile Father Giacomo told his Uncle Philippe about the resurrection of Salvador and how he transformed himself. Uncle Philippe, thought he was crazy, and told Father Giacomo that just like the way Rebeca refused to give him information about Salvador, maybe Antonio would do the same or even if he told Salvador, Salvador may run away from his responsibilities. As he saying this, the door bell rang and Uncle Philippe opened the door to Salvador.

Uncle Philippe was amazed at Salvador's good culture (was his 'stupid' nephew, Father Giacomo, sure that Salvador was the husband of Cantalicia?) Salvador updated them about Cantalicia's whereabouts. They traveled to Salvador's and Gaetana's home to get Cantalicia. When they got there, Father Giacomo was astonished that the innocent little boy was living in a bar, and worse, he found Gaetana having a spiritual session when they both (Gaetana and Father Philippe) saw each other, Father Philippe made the sign of the cross.

As Uncle Philippe Mendero had a fun time at the bar. Gaetana and Salvador finally explained to Father Giacomo that Salvador was not the same person as before. Father Giacomo finally understood (though I think he still does not comprehend that Pedro is the one living and possessing Salvador¢s body), and asked for Cantalicia to be brought to him outside.

Cantalicia was happy to see father Giacomo and Philippe and was glad that they were all going home together with Salvador. However when she and Mancho entered the car and the car started moving without Salvador, she realised that Salvador was abandoning her, and called out to him.

Later, back at Philippe's house Cantalicia refused to go with Father Giacomo. Therefore Uncle Philippe told his nephew that he will stay with her, and that she will work for him as a maid. However, Philippe made her promise not to go and look for Salvador, and if she does this, he would not help her when she gets lost again, or attacked by bad people. Up to now, Cantalicia has not gone out again to look for Salvador.

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