Monday, October 29, 2007

More Love, More Trouble

In another episode of the telenovela, El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance), Andre punched Simon in the stomach while he (Simon) and Salvador were outside the house washing the car. However, Salvador defended him and thoroughly beat up Andre easily. The moves were of that of an experienced fighter and they even enhanced some of Salvador¢s moves in a bit of a slow-motion to show the effects! (This is an episode not to miss).

Harrietta pressurized Isabel to tell her who really was her lover. Didn't she (Isabel) trust her? Isabel declined (which was a wise decision), to tell Harrietta. However one day, Harrietta missed her flight and had to go back to her apartment where she saw Isabel with an unknown man (Salvador). She promised Isabel that she would not tell her husband.

Salvador told Isabel that she should be much more careful after they were caught. As he told Gaetana, he was worried about Isabel (I think he feared what Andre would do if he found out). Isabel went home early that day and as she slept, Andre went into her room and confessed to her that he loved her the same as always, as in the beginning... as he was about to leave her room he corrected himself and told her that what he said was a lie, he did not love her as in the beginning, he loved her even more and more each day.

Ambitious Harrietta invited herself to Isabel's house, to ask her (Isabel) to inform her of her lover's name. Isabel declined and told her she (Harrietta) would probably never meet him again. As soon as the words escaped her mouth, Salvador drove in the driveway. Angela saw him and greeted him and called him by his name as he guided her into the car. Harrietta looked triumphantly at Isabel. She now knew his first name. Isabel asked her not to mock her and provided her with the rest of the information. His name was Salvador Sorenza and he worked at the company.

Harrietta was exited!! As soon as she got home she called Andre and asked him to meet her. Andre made some excuse about wanting to see a lawyer. Harrietta told him he better comes to see her as she had some information about Isabel's lover. Andre came in record time and demanded for Harrietta to give him the information. Harrietta told Andre that the night she missed her flight, she found Isabel in bed with her lover. She poured a glass of Champaign for her self, but Andre took it and threw (smashed) it away. He asked her not to lie to him as he would never forgive her. She confirmed that she was not lying as the man worked very close to him in the company and his name was Salvador Sorenza...

Andre saw black due to anger... He was FURIOUS and MAD at Isabel and Salvador!! Andre started saying that it was Isabel who helped Salvador get a job in the company that was why he knew so much! He even confided in Harrietta that the reason he had shot Salvador was because he had suspected of him of wanting Isabel. He told her that he should have shot him twice the night he shot him! Harrietta was surprised! She told Andre not to behave like a looser by trying to kill him; instead he should just divorce Isabel. Andre said that it was not as simple as that, and he pushed Harrietta away from him and went back to his car.

As Andre drove, the Camera mainly only focused on his red eyes... he was out for a bloody revenge. As soon as he got home, he quietly went to Isabel¢s room he took an extra pillow from her bed and was about to smoother her to death but Rebeca came in just in time (before Andre had fully put the pillow over Isabel) to check on Isabel, and he lied to Rebeca that he was just rearranging the pillows over her head (Rebeca did not look convinced).

The following day Isabel visited Andre in his room. Andre told her that he was not feeling well. Isabel told him not to avoid the day's meeting. Andre told him that he was not going 'to be a coward' as soon as Isabel left he went under his bed and withdrew a hunting rifle (it was as long as an arm and had an eye-target magnifying piece). He went to the top floor attic and broke a bit of the window and aimed his gun at Isabel...

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amaka said...

I love the soap opera second chance, pls can u send the fan e-mail address of Salvador. I love geetana very much, and i love simon for his action.