Monday, October 29, 2007

Promoted Above His Rival Enemy - Snippet 36

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Salvador continued seeing Valeria and started falling in love with her. He promised to meet with her outside the house at 10pm, but could not make it as Rebeca blackmailed him into another date, He however played for her in the study (nobody including Valeria knew that is was Salvador), everyone thought that it was the spirit of the 'late' Don Pedro. (I think this was the episode Andre went to bed and clutched his cross when he saw it was not Valeria playing).

Salvador came the following day and told Valeria that 'Pedro' had played "just for her and to celebrate Antonio's and Angela's wedding". In the same or a few episodes later, Valeria told Salvador that she could not be surprised if he had the same hands as Pedro and could even play the Piano as Pedro. Salvador told her that his hands were much larger than Pedro's and much rougher due to hard work...

Antonio, Simon, Abigail, Angela and Salvador went on a night out to celebrate the wedding. Salvador danced with Abigail and asked her if she could ever imagine dancing with Pedro. Abigail said she would never think of dancing with her boss... but Salvador reminded her... of the time she danced with Pedro, very many years ago, when her boys were still small children (he even recalls their ages), and she danced with Pedro, who promised to help her out...

Abigail became suddenly dizzy with these accurate facts being recounted with precision by a stranger (Salvador) whom they all just knew recently.... How could Salvador have known? She decided to sit down and while Salvador moves out of the table for some time, Angela told Abigail that her mother's brooch ("the little tear drop"), looks good on her and that Salvador was the one who gave her the necklace owned by her mother.

This made Abigail suspicious. Some episodes later, Abigail found Pedro's book about life after death and started reading it. Antonio found her with the book and she asked Antonio who Salvador really is (she suspected he was connected with Pedro), but Antonio declined to answer and walked away.

Isabel continued meeting and sleeping with Salvador, Andre however one day went and slept with Harrietta, his former girlfriend (and she is also Isabel's best friend and former room-mate) Harrietta told Andre that he did not deserve an unthankful woman who did not love him like Isabel, and that she loves him.

Andre was upset that she would pretend to be Isabel¢s friend and then talk about her in such a bad way. Harrietta wants Andre to leave Isabel and be with her. Andre told her that if she ever discovered who Isabel was cheating him with, then he might divorce her (He never meant this; he just wanted to know the truth about Isabel). Isabel tried poisoning him in another episode. But Andre got sick and started vomiting the poisoned drink, so he was not as affected. Walter was shocked at Isabel's in-difference on her husband¢s illness.

Later, as Angela continued trusting Salvador and Salvador proved to know so much about the company, Angela (and after a thorough interview and examination)the board of directors hired Salvador in one of the top positions. Andre saw a deep red when he heard this!! He was furious! To make matters worse, Angela rehired Simon in one of the top positions (he had been fired by Andre again previously).

Andre could not understand how the board of directors could allow a 'stupid little girl' make such outrageous decisions! The board of directors stood by their decision to keep Simon and Salvador in the company in their top positions. Soon afterwards, some episodes later, Salvador and one of the board of directors started digging out the dirt of how some of the maintenance workers bought poor quality material, how Andre had mis-managed the company, and how things were being poorly handled.

Andre was so furious that he couldn't think straight, he walked out of the directors meeting before they, as he claimed: "decided to put the cleaner and the cook in the top positions" He went and complained to Isabel. Isabel was sure the directors could not have hired Salvador or Simon if they were not highly qualified.

Through Isabel's request, the top director brought the documents Salvador had filled in. The director was quick to inform her that Salvador "even had the same handwriting as Pedro". After Isabel and later Andre examined Salvador's documents, they discovered that Salvador knew more about the company, even more than them. Isabel later took Salvador out to congratulate him in his new position. However as she went home she wondered to herself ¡who really was Salvador?

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