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The 'Black Widow' Marries Again (3ce)

On Tuesday's and Wednesday's episodes of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), Vicky was preparing Valeria's bed, as Valeria dried herself from the shower. Valeria asked Vicky how Angela was doing. Vicky informed Valeria that Angela was doing much better and she was even with the household downstairs waiting to listen to Isabel's announcement. Valeria told Vicky that she was not aware of the announcement. Vicky informed Valeria that the announcement was probably important as Salvador had also been invited to attend the meeting.

Downstairs, everyone was gathered for Isabel's announcement. Before Isabel had a chance to say anything, Simon told Isabel aloud that he hoped her announcement would not affect them all negatively as her announcements always seamed to do so. Abigail told Simon so keep quiet. Antonio assumed to everyone gathered around that the announcement had to do with the factory as Salvador was present. Salvador replied to everyone that the announcement was personal.

Walter told Salvador that since the announcement did not have any relation with the factory as it was a personal announcement, he (Salvador) had no say in what went around in the house and therefore should not be present. Isabel told everyone that it was for that PRECISE reason she wanted to clear the situation. Rebeca told Isabel to get on with the announcement as she (Rebeca), needed certain clearance of some issues she had seen and heard that were screaming in her mind.

Isabel told everyone that she did not like keeping secrets. She told everyone that people had judged her when she had married Pedro, and then judged her again when she married Andre soon after Pedro's death and even though she knew her Aunt would be the first one to 'cast the first stone' she new people would judge her again especially now when she was getting married again... to Salvador within a month!

Everyone was left speechless at the news, and Walter who initially was shocked, started to look on the verge of tears.

Later that evening, Rebeca was tearfully following Isabel asking her what she meant that she was marrying Salvador. Was she trying to provoke the household? Isabel confirmed to Rebeca that she knew that Rebeca would be the first to 'cast the first stone' and judge her. (Note that Isabel still does not know her Aunt Rebeca had an 'affair' with Salvador). Isabel assured Rebeca that the decision was not rushed.

She had thought through the whole situation. Isabel explained to Rebeca that she had fallen in love with Salvador the very first time she saw him. Before she had married Andre, she had given herself to Salvador and she had discovered that she could not give herself to Andre. She had even told Andre that she did not love him. She was tired of getting married due to circumstances and while Andre was locking himself in his bedroom waiting for her, she was having an affair with Salvador.

Rebeca told Isabel that she was disguised (and jealous) of her behaviour of marrying a chauffeur who had even attempted to ran away with her cousin Valeria. Didn't Isabel realize that there might be other women other than her? Isabel assured Rebeca that Salvador had used Valeria as leverage as he never thought Isabel could get separated from Andre. Rebeca corrected Isabel. She did not mean Valeria. Maybe Salvador had other women before her. Isabel did not understand Rebecca's odd behaviour. Isabel told Rebeca that she did not care if Salvador had thousands or millions of women. All that mattered is that she was going to get married to him within the month.

Rebeca left Isabel's room crying. Walter found her along the corridor and tried to talk to her, but Rebeca hurried to her bedroom to cry. Walter knocked on Rebecca's room, and when Rebeca refused to open, he went in to try and get further information from Rebeca about Salvador, but Rebeca refused as she was sad and busy crying.

Salvador reached home at Gaetana's house. He told Gaetana that Isabel had announced to the whole family about her marriage to him. He said not many of the household would understand his decision.

Walter was alone by himself in a different section of the corridor very sad and depressed.

The following day, Abigail announced to the maids and Vicky about Salvador's marriage to Isabel. The maids and Vicky was surprised. Vicky said that she thought she knew Salvador. She never knew he would marry Isabel. So as to avoid gossip, Abigail repeated herself again to Vicky and the maids that Salvador was getting married to Isabel and that as much as they all want to, they should refrain from waggling their tongues.

Vicky looked at the still depressed Walter by himself in the corridor sad and depressed.

Rebeca went to talk to her best friend (I forgot her name). Rebecca's friend told Rebeca (as she always does each time they meet in any episode). That every time she meets with Rebeca, Rebeca has a weird tale to tell her from the Donoso house, from her infatuation with Salvador, to the ghost that plays the piano, to the death of Andre and now the promiscuity of Salvador towards her, Valeria and Isabel. It did not seam to end! She however advised Rebeca to use any means possible to stop Salvador from carrying out his 'evil plans'.

Simon was upset with Salvador's attitude. He complained about Salvador to Angela and Antonio during breakfast that Salvador had left Valeria to marry Isabel. Antonio was upset of the way Simon was blaming Salvador. He was sure Salvador had a reason for marrying Isabel. Simon got more upset and told Antonio that he wished Antonio would defend him (Simon) as much as he (Antonio) defended Salvador.

Simon abruptly got up of the table and warned Angela to take care of her inheritance/property and to speed up the process as Salvador was worse that Andre and between the two vipers (he was referring to Salvador and Isabel); they could take away Isabel's properties in the blink of an eye. When Simon left, Antonio told Angela not to mind Simon's words. Angela said she could not help thinking of Salvador's motives especially now he was marrying Isabel.

(I had forgotten to tell you that prior to the wedding announcement. Salvador had made Isabel to also promise to let Valeria stay in the house as one of the conditions for him to agree to marry Isabel. Isabel was shocked that Salvador knew that she was planning to chase Valeria of the house and asked him where he got the information. Salvador declined to tell her the source of his information, but Isabel promised to let Valeria stay in the house).

Vicky while in Valeria's room, informed Valeria of Salvador's and Isabel's wedding. Valeria was heart-broken and started packing her bags saying she should have left the time Isabel had told her to leave. Isabel entered Valeria's room unannounced just in time to see Valeria pack her bags. Vicky left Valeria and Isabel alone.

Isabel, as usual, used reverse psychology on Valeria. She told Valeria that she should stay, to show the gratitude that Isabel had done for her (Valeria). Isabel also told Valeria that if she left the house, it would be like, she was letting everyone think that they (Isabel and Salvador) had brought her down or that she was weak. When Isabel left, Valeria threw her bags and decided not to leave so as not to show as if she was a coward...

Simon told one of the main directors (the one he likes speaking to) that Salvador was getting married to Isabel. The same director told the other directors including the new CEO, Romires that Isabel was getting married to Salvador, but declined to tell him of his source which he said was a credible source. The directors were surprised. How could the person Salvador viciously fought against with in the company be the same person he was marrying? Unless maybe they treated each other differently within the company as compared to when they were outside the company.

The directors made fun of Isabel. First she married Pedro who died a short time later. Then she married Andre a short time after Pedro's death and now, Andre was not even cold in his coffin and she was marrying Salvador! Isabel was like a black-widow, they just hopped Salvador would not also soon follow his predecessors Pedro and Andre into the grave after a short time of marriage.

Salvador finally arrived at the office and confirmed and announced to the directors that he was getting married to Isabel.

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