Friday, November 16, 2007

Defeated Again! - Snippet 69

We are racing to the final epic of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. Remember to follow through the full drama from the telenovela site map. Today, thanks to Tessie, I have posted four snippets (including this snippet 69): recall- Snippet 66: The Black Widow Remarries For The 3rd Time, Snippet 67: "Marry? No, ... Don't Marry!", Snippet 68: "Cantankerous Rebeca".

Pedro Jose Donoso's spirit seems headed for another defeat in the struggle to repossess the body of Salvador. It is so dramatic to watch two spirit beings fighting to posses one body- The body of Salvador. Whoever would win that battle determines the fate of those ignorant loved ones who surround them.

We know what happens when Pedro is hurt by the people he loves. When Angela had disowned him in the first episode he had almost died of a heart attack, this time after Vicky’s and Angela’s confrontation, Salvador woke up from his bedroom in Gaetana’s house and glanced at the mirror (this is when we discover again, Pedro’s spirit has left Salvador’s body, just like when Salvador/Pedro had broken up with Valeria, and now we are looking at the original Salvador, Cantalicia’s husband). Salvador (original) touched his well-shaven and shaped beard.

Back in the bar, the man who was in love with Geytana and owns the house – I think he is called Evaristo, was fighting with Camilo, Lupe’s boyfriend. Evaristo refused to leave when Camilo chased him out and told Camilo only Gaetana could chase him out. Gaetana said that if that was how he felt, then she would order him out of her bar and did so. Evaristo told her that he would get out, but not without Gaetana. Evaristo (who is thin man), carried and put Gaetana over his shoulder to carry her out of the bar with him. Gaetana struggled and a full blown fight involving Gaetana and everyone in the bar started fighting each other.

Salvador (original) started calling and looking for Cantalicia and Mancho. He went downstairs where he saw the bar looked like a battle zone where everyone was fighting with each other. Salvador unsuspectingly hit someone to make them get out of his way. He went outside and started calling for Cantalicia.

Philippe was giving Cantalicia some vitamins to calm her down as she had again seen her Salvador in her sleep/vision telling her that he was coming to her. Philippe told Cantalicia that probably she was going crazy due to Rebecca’s words and that Salvador was possibly a murderer and possibly a bad person and was probably enjoying life with Isabel.

Salvador (original) was at the roadside near the highway, looking for Cantalica in the strange place he was in. Salvador prayed and asked the Virgin where he was?

Gaetana, Lupe, Matilda and Camilo were tiding the bar after the fight. Camilo found it strange Salvador had not come to see what the commotion was about. Gaetana was alarmed, she had forgotten all about Salvador! She dropped her things and went to check on Salvador and found his room empty. He was no where to be found in the house. Gaetana assumed that Pedro had deserted Salvador’s body again. Gaetana told everyone that Salvador had a relapse. Everyone rushed to the car but Gaetana made Matilda wait in the house, in case Salvador came back.

Salvador (original) was still on the highway trying to get help...

Rebeca was still thinking of destroying Salvador, next time she swore she would not hesitate to shoot him.

Gaetana was anguished with herself. Salvador had warned her that the symptoms were happening again but she had left him, due to the fight in the bar. She Camilo and Lupe continued looking for Salvador.

An old couple almost run over Salvador. Salvador was in so much shock that he remained paralyzed on the road like a statue, even if the car had not hit him. The old couple got out to help Salvador, but Salvador wept that he did not know where he was.

- Tessie K.


Anonymous said...

Oh! my goodness what is happening to Salvador/Pedro....?i wish the spirit of salvador rest in peace while Pedro's spirit lives,he Pedro has lost so much emotions and needs all the time he's got left to make for all.

Anonymous said...

wow... haha! your comment is funny but i totally agree with you.. haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a pity the spirit of Don Pedro should leave this handsome man alone to take of his wife and son.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a pity the spirit of Don Pedro should leave this handsome man alone to take care of his wife and son.