Saturday, November 03, 2007

Caught In The Act!

Tessie is back with snippets of El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance telenovela). This is a good relief, knowing that the TV stations in Nigeria just went back to the starting point of episode 1, I don't know why they had to do that, and they even lacked the courtesy to notify the viewing audience. In Kenya, they are in episode 115, just about 40 episodes more..., that means they would round up before Christmas.

If you want to read the full story of el cuerpo del deseo, just follow us (Tessie and I), get the snippets from the site map of the full story at my telenovela stories blog.

I have warned you three days ago in snippet 46, that some Pandora boxes of scandals was about to open, well, those boxes have begun to burst open, and the first one has blown up in Salvador's face, he lost the love of Valeria, He lost in the cheating game to Jezabel (that is the new name I gave to Isabel Arroyo, widow of Pedro Jose Donoso, widow of Andre Corona), who has been schooled in treachery and wicked intrigues from youth.

Salvador lost the first round to Isabel, but who wins the next round? Wait and read on:


In the following episode, Isabel asks Valeria to tell her everything about her relationship and plans with Salvador. Valeria tells Isabel that she won't tell her anything even if Isabel kills her. (I think Valeria suspects Isabel of killing Pedro, because in a previous episode, when Valeria had quarreled with Simon after he had caught her kissing Salvador; Isabel -who had not been aware of Salvador's affair with Valeria-had tried caressing Valeria's face, but Valeria had moved back in fear, but later held Isabel's hand)...

Isabel upon hearing this moved to her door and sat there and told Valeria that she would not get out in her room until Valeria told her everything.

Simon, Angela, and Antonio came from another party. Simon wanted to sleep early as he had an appointment with the director the following Saturday morning. Antonio was worried as he had felt Salvador had been trying to tell them goodbye during the party. Angela hoped Salvador was not leaving them as they still needed him a lot.

When Valeria had finished telling Isabel what she could, Isabel tearfully told Valeria that she could prove to Valeria the truth if she followed her instructions in the following hours, as soon as the sun came up.

The sun finally rose, Salvador showered and later Gaetana tearfully hugged Salvador goodbye. Meanwhile, back at the Donoso house, Rebeca was happy that Isabel would prevent Valeria's and Isabel's escape. Isabel had slept with Valeria so as to prevent Valeria from escaping at night. Isabel told Rebeca that Salvador had no-idea of the surprise that awaited him.

Isabel asked Rebeca a favour to receive Salvador when he came. Jealous and jilted Rebeca was not too happy, she tried convincing Isabel, but Isabel was adamant as she saw Rebeca as the perfect person to show Salvador into the house (Meanwhile, Isabel does not know that Rebeca has a relationship with Salvador and neither does Rebeca know about Salvador's involvement with Isabel).

Salvador meanwhile was on the road going to pick Valeria. He remembered the last conversation he had with Isabel at the party, when he had asked her what she would have done if she ever found out that there was someone between them....(It seems he will be finding out soon).

Isabel approached a sleeping Valeria and held her chin and told her to wake up so as to find out the whole truth and to therefore do as she was told.

Salvador kept on waiting for Valeria outside until Rebeca approached him and told him that if he was there for her niece Valeria, he should not wait for her so far away, but instead take her from the house. Salvador knew something was wrong, so he followed Rebeca into the house until he met Isabel on the stairs. Isabel told him that if he wanted to go with Valeria, he had to speak to her first, and then she went upstairs into the attic where Salvador followed her.

Gaetana was depressed, she missed her Salvador. Camillo saw Gaetana sweeping the floor and tried to ask her what was wrong. She confessed she had to wake up early to say goodbye to Salvador, who went away for good. So as not to cry in front of Camillo, she went to get a dustpan to collect the dust she had been sweeping.

Vicky meanwhile complained to Abigail that Rebeca was making noise like a brooding hen and imitated Rebeca as a chicken and made clucking noises... wait and read Snippet 49 for the full picture.

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