Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Whispers of Romantic Death

Oya, let's go again on our telenovela adventure on the road to El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance). After Snippet 50: "When Love Suffers...", this should be snippet 51. The full story is being built up in a site map on my other blog. I wish Tessie, my telenovela partner from Kenya, on behalf of our fans on this blog, an outstanding performance in her exams. It is splendid that in spite of her exams, she could still send us snippets of El Cuerpo del Deseo, all the way from Kenya, East Africa.

Between Life and death, there is a gap filled with love and hatred. Those who live a healthy and flourishing life are the ones who grab the cord of love, and climb unto life. Those who walk in bitterness and anger, to embrace hatred ended up in the tomb of death.

I believe that even if Isabel were forgiven all her sins, her new passion, which is, unbridled hatred for Valeria may lead to her doom. Let us read on how Isabel began to whisper the songs of hatred and death to poor Valeria's eardrum.


On Friday's episode, Salvador went to the office and tore up his resignation letter. There he met the director who was waiting for Simon. Salvador told the director that he had come to collect some important documents and that Simon was on his way and was maybe caught up in traffic.

Matilda asked Gaetana if she could stay in the house for sometime so as to recover from her disastrous relationship as she had found her husband cheating with her with another woman, whom she suspected was in reality a man who had a sex-change from a man into a woman, Salvador went back home (Gaetana's home). He had to be assisted back into the house, as he had a painful headache. He later told Gaetana the whole story.

Rebeca asked Isabel about Valeria's condition. Isabel informed Rebeca that she had called the doctor as Valeria was still sick in bed after she had fainted. Rebeca asked Isabel how she had managed to convince Valeria not to go with Salvador. (Isabel declined to answer the question as she was not the one who had 'convinced' Valeria to stay). She told Rebeca that the most important thing was that Valeria had not run away with Salvador as she (Isabel), did not care about Valeria's condition and would rather see Valeria dead a thousand times, than with Salvador. Rebeca told Isabel that she felt exactly the same way (talk about birds of the same feather?).

Salvador continued narrating to Gaetana how Isabel had twisted all the words he had said to look bad in Valeria's eyes. Salvador admitted that he could not be near Isabel without wanting to dominate her, kiss her and posses her. He said that Isabel was like a poison that was in his veins and only Valeria would rid him of that poison.

Gaetana asked Salvador not to be selfish and if he approached Valeria again, he could put her in jeopardy or in agony. It was time he forgot about Valeria, Isabel and everyone else, before he caused more damaged. Salvador refused and told Gaetana that he would not give up on Valeria even if it was the last thing he did. He vowed to confront Isabel and would prove her wrong.

The doctor examined Valeria and told Isabel that she had the same disease as last time Pedro was alive but she had no rushes like last time. Isabel lied to the doctor that she did not know why Valeria was upset. The doctor told Isabel and Rebeca that Valeria's speedy recovery depended on the care Isabel and Rebeca gave her.

Simon was upset at Salvador; he blamed Salvador for Valeria's poor health, and was upset that his brother Antonio was always defending Salvador. He mentioned to Antonio that a director had spotted Salvador in the office tearing up a letter.

Isabel continued watching over Valeria. Valeria continued talking in her feverish sedated state saying that Salvador had lied to her that he did not love her. Isabel confirmed this by whispering to Valeria in her feverish sleep that he never loved her and would never ever love her. Isabel continued telling Valeria that what had happened (between Salvador and Valeria) had forever changed her feelings towards Valeria, and whispered to Valeria that she did not care for her any longer. She whispered to Valeria's ear and told Valeria to die, to die ... already as she was fed up with Valeria (and jealous Salvador loved Valeria).

Rebeca tried to phone-call for a nurse to take care of Valeria (neither Rebeca nor Isabel cared for Valeria to take care of her). Abigail heard the telephone conversation and asked Rebeca to instead hire her to take care of Valeria. Rebeca agreed and informed Isabel.

Rebeca admitted the truth to Walter about Salvador's attempt to run away with Valeria and how she had foiled their plans. She told Walter she would not like Salvador to get involved with any woman from her family. Snippet 52 is next and you can read it at: "The Wrath of Love..."


Anonymous said...

you are doing a good job mrs. philo. but pls , give the lady who created MY FAVORITE THINGS blog some words of encouragement, she's feeling discouraged that few people visit her site and i dont want her to delete it, it's just as interesting as yours. pls help her.

gloria said...

i'd been thinking, before reading this episode, about how Isabel was like an addiction to Salvador/Pedro. He loved her despite himself and wanted to use Valeria to get over her. I really think that if his relationship with Valeria had worked out he would have ended up hurting her even more cos he never would have been able to get over Isabel. so unfortunate that Valeria didnt fall in love with Simon instead