Friday, November 02, 2007

Getting Closer, and Closer, ...

At last, Romero was able to present the pictures of Lupe to the old lawyer friend of Chocho, who confirmed that that was the man Carmelo called "Pancho", whom he saw in Carmelo's flat. This was great news and joy to Sebastian, when he got the gist from Romero.

Meanwhile, the vacation of Jessika and Sebastian coincided with the honeymoon of Catalina and Carmelo. Sebastian was pleased and attracted afresh to Catalina at the hotel in Quatatesgo. Carmelo was displeased and angry that Sebastian and Catalina were still close and on talking terms.

Carmelo bought a new car for his ally and accomplice, Marcelo.

Sebastian and Martina took possession of their ranch and were introduced to Antonio, who claimed he was the new foreman for both Antonieta's ranch and Lupe's. Sebastian warned him to be wary of the unending intrigues and mischief of Antonieta.

Antonieta developed a soft spot for Antonio because she suspected that he was her son whom she paid Petra to kill. She told him that he could come and take residence in her mansion, but he refused, saying that the place of a foreman is in his hut and not in the mansion.

While Sebastian and Romero planned how to spy on and ambush Carmelo, knowing he had kidnapped Lupe, Jessika offered to 'help' them out, since she was a lawyer and would help them prosecute Carmelo if the suspicion were confirmed.

Sebastian and others maintained an espionage cover of Carmelo's apartment. They saw him arrived in the brand new car he just bought for Marcelo. As he parked the car, Catalina too came down from the car, but he asked her to remain and wait for him in the car, and not follow him into the apartment (obviously because Lupe was being hidden there).

Sebastian and Jessika went to visit Carmelo with the aim of distracting him, so that Romero and Martina could sneak-in, through the back into the apartment. Sebastian gave them the spare keys which was still in his possession. By the time Romero arrived at the back, they met the tough-looking hired thugs of Carmelo, they tried to deceive them that they were friends of Carmelo, and he was the one who gave them the spare keys to the apartment.

The thugs snatched the keys and threw them away. The nurse peeped to see who they were. Romero wondered what Carmelo was doing with a hired nurse, and hired thugs in the apartment. This reinforces their suspicions that Carmelo was keeping Lupe in captivity... so close, to Lupe bu too late to rescue him...

When Sebastian and Romero decided to call in the police to search the apartment, Jessika advised them to tread cautiously and not trigger a false alarm. She advised Sebastian to first confront Carmelo with is suspicion before bringing the police to the matter. (Jessika did this to cover her own tracks too and to play for time so that Carmelo won't be caught before she had opportunity to warn him and tip him off).

By the time Romero and Sebastian 'invaded the apartment, the nurse had injected Lupe with a sedative and he had gone back into slumber. She hid him well. After the feverish search of the place Romero and Sebastian did not discover Lupe where he was hidden by the nurse, they gave up their effort.

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