Friday, November 02, 2007

Jessi-Carm: The face of a Traitor

Marcelo visited Emilia to show off his new toy (the car bought him by Carmelo). The duo went to the pool to swim and to 'wash' the car in his bed. Romero caught them in the 'act' and promised to tell Sebastian that she had gotten a new lover. Emilia was mad when Romero told her that Sebastian too was trying to settle down with Jessika. Marcelo eventually confessed to her that Lupe was alive and being held captive by Carmelo.

Jessika rushed to the penthouse, looking desperately for Carmelo. Catalina suspected the strange association between Carmelo and Jessika. She left a number for Carmelo to call her. When he did, it was Martina who picked it. Jessika lied that Carmelo wanted to seek legal advice on some matters from her.

Later when she met Carmelo discretely, she tipped him off that Sebastian was spying on him to discover if he had kidnapped Lupe. Carmelo snapped that he did not care, but later confessed to Jessika that he truly kidnapped Lupe. When Jessika got frightened and about this, and wanted to 'chicken out', he warned her that she was much his accomplice in his crime, and if she backed out, he would expose her, and both of them would go to jail. Moreover, Sebastian would know that she was the friendly traitor who imperiled him.

Having been freshly transfered to the Penthouse, Lupe overheard Carmelo quarreling with Catalina when she wanted to go to the attic of the Penthouse to search for her bracelet. Carmelo insisted that was a "NO-GO" arena for her. Then, it dawned on Lupe for the first time, that Catalina was innocent and did not know that Carmelo was hiding him in the attic. (the bracelet was eventually stolen by the criminal nurse hired by Carmelo).

Sebastian also went to seek Catalina's help in searching for Lupe and told her of his suspicion that her husband, Carmelo may have kidnapped Lupe. She promise d to help him investigate the suspicion.

Antonieta later confessed to Antonio that the reason why she gave him a special treatment was because, he was her son. (What a miserable woman). He did not believe her, he went to the priest and even his peasant mother to investigate the claim of Antonieta.

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