Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving From Telenovela Love Garden

As Americans begin their traditional Thanksgiving holiday today, we send greetings and solidarities to all our telenovela fans in the U.S, as well as our foremost advertisers and advertising network (Google), and news-content providers - Voxant Newsroom.We delight and rejoice with all telenovela fans, as they re-unite with their families over this weekend of fun and entertainment.

It is a time of reflections and also a time of salutations to the heroes of American democracy. For me, as an internet entrepreneur and blogger, I salute the over 210 million internet users in America, particularly those amongst you, who throng my telenovela blog daily.

Many of my blogging and blogger friends are from there. I appreciate your input into my works here. Jane May, Kumiko Suzuki(pink lady), whom I understood just sold her seven-month old blog for a whopping $15,000! Way to go, go, go, girl, start another one again and build to sell, become a virtual estate millionairess.

Back in March this year, Kumiko was humiliated by John Chow, when he removed her name from the list of bloggers, who have their domain name christened after them, just because she was freely hosted on blogspot. That provoked her to start Cash Quest blog, self-hosted and paid WordPress blog. What a way to answer the skeptics.

For your information, I make more money monthly blogging than Kumiko ($1,300). That means my blog could be worth anything between $16,000 to $20,000. (that is a dream, because most of my income come from tenant blogging on blogspots. A tenant is not permitted to sell the house of his/her landlord without consent. Never worry, Telenovela Stories Dot TV, the successor of STORY-STORY Dot COM would rise to the challenge in five months, before mid 2008, maybe I would sell for $40,000 (he-he-he).

Back to my friend and mentors, John Chow, Joel Comm, Jason, Jeremy, Danielle, and others too numerous but strategic to overlook, happy holiday to you all.

You all collectively opened my eyes to see the possibilities of being a 4-figure Dollar Blogger, (I am, by God's grace, currently enjoying this realm of remunerated talent in the blogosphere). Please, don't forget to send my own turkey by mail (LOL).

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