Thursday, November 22, 2007

Shot By A Jealous and Jilted Lover!

After Snippet 74, this is the next that Tessie sent us, enjoy this telenovela reading.


How is everything in Nigeria? We are fine here in Kenya, just a bit wary after the party nomination elections, which turned out to be slightly violent. We are praying the main general elections on December turn out to be peaceful and not as bad as the ones last week. Do pray for us all goes well."

Tessie we're praying for you and your country... Amen.

On Tuesday's episode, proved to be livelier compared to the other episodes. Isabel and Salvador were holding their engagement party. Vicky did not look happy as she usually does in other parties. Rebeca was in Valeria's room complaining about the party to Valeria. Rebeca told Valeria that the party was shameful and that it was to embarrass and torment the household. Rebeca asked Valeria if it mattered to her about the party going on.

She told Valeria that both Salvador and Isabel were making fun of her, and if they could, they could spit on Valeria's face. Valeria told Rebeca that it did not matter to her about the party. Rebeca told Valeria that even though Valeria was pretending, she knew that Valeria was dying of jealousy. Valeria told Rebeca that her jealousy was not more than Rebecca's, and she said that she wanted to go to sleep. Rebeca wondered how Valeria would sleep through the party noise. Rebeca however told Valeria that very soon, Valeria would be awakened by a surprise initiated
by her.

At the party, the new C.E.O. for the Donoso Citrus Company congratulated Isabel and Salvador. Isabel wondered if the C.E.O. meant it and the C.E.O. truthfully said he meant it and wished the couple the very best. Meanwhile, a group of Mariachi entered the house and started playing a wonderful tune for the engagement party, while a photographer captured Salvador and Isabel.

Back in Antonio's and Angela's room, Simon was trying to prevent Abigail to oversee the party as she was no-longer an employee and Walter would oversee the party. Antonio and Angela agreed with Simon. Abigail told them that they can snub Isabel's and Salvador's party but she would not do the same. Angela and Antonio convinced Abigail to watch a video-movie with them. Abigail felt as if she was being kept against her will. Angela distracted her by inviting Abigail, Simon and Antonio to feel the kicks of the baby in her womb.

Rebeca withdrew the gun Walter had given her from her dresser drawer. And said that even if the party seamed to be very interesting, it would end tragically for the groom to be...

The Company directors were gossiping about Isabel and Salvador. They noticed that Isabel was much happier than her previous two marriages, and how she had broken a record where in less than one year, she had managed to have three weddings and three husbands, which has rarely happened. She must have learnt from the mistake of her previous marriages, for her to marry Salvador now.

The CEO thought that they would have waited a bit longer after Andre's death. But the CEO's wife thought that Isabel had to snatch up Salvador as he was very handsome. The directors saw Salvador and Isabel well suited as they were both ambitious and that Salvador had risen from the ranks from Pedro's messenger (that is what Salvador had them believe), to the owner of Pedro's fortune.

Rebeca went to Isabel's bedroom and frowned at Pedro's photo as she went to wait for the opportune moment to shoot Salvador. Isabel and Salvador continued smiling at each other, unaware of the danger.

Matilda was at Gaetana's bar, doing a false card reading for a client. She told the client that there was an old jealous woman who was capable of killing her due to jealousy (maybe she was capturing Rebecca's intentions on Salvador). She sold the woman a fake amulet (which in reality was a cheap brooch Matilda had borrowed from Gaetana moments earlier).

Salvador and Isabel greeted the guests as they left, as Walter watched them with contempt. Isabel and Salvador saw that Walter was watching them and Salvador kissed Isabel purposely in front of a frowning Walter.

Later, the dog was barking furiously as if something bad was going to happen. Isabel was telling Salvador that the step of holding a big party was a big one but she did it to prove her love for him, and did not mind the people in the household who opposed her (like Angela, Rebeca, Simon, est.) nor the people who were gossiping about her and kissed Salvador. Salvador was very happy.

Walter saw Rebeca tying up the dog. Walter thought Isabel and Salvador would spend the night together since they were engaged. Rebeca told Walter not to be as sure as anything could happen. She told Walter to leave her (so that she could shoot Salvador).Walter got the message and left Rebeca alone running to his room.

Isabel wanted to go upstairs with Salvador. Salvador wondered why and Isabel said that it was because she wanted them to plan the honeymoon and where they were going to live as they could not live in the house forever. Salvador said that he was tired and that he wanted to go to his house. Isabel told Salvador that it was time he showed her where he lived. Salvador told Isabel to be patient as when they got married, she would find out EVERYTHING about him, including where he lived as there will be no such thing as secrets between them. Isabel was left very happy and smiling. The camera followed Salvador out of the door.

Salvador left the house but as he reached the drive way he had an odd sensation that something was wrong and turned to check what it was. He turned around and saw no one so he turned back in front again. As soon as he did that, Rebeca pointed the gun at close range to his head. Rebeca called Salvador and told him even though he thought that nothing could stop him and that he was invincible, she was going to show him that he was very mistaken. Rebeca pulled the trigger and shot Salvador while closing her eyes to avoid the bloody scene that she would make.

At the same time Gaetana dropped her tray of glasses. She wondered why she kept on dropping things that day. Matilda called out to Gaetana and Gaetana dropped the glasses she had picked again. Gaetana told Matilda not to give her such an attack again. Matilda wondered why Gaetana was always concerned about Salvador and wondered if Gaetana was secretly in love with Salvador and was jealous he was with another woman.

Gaetana told Matilda not to speak stupidities as Matilda did not know the whole situation with Salvador, and why she was worried about Salvador. Matilda told Gaetana that since she is not Salvador's wife or sister to stop worrying about Salvador as he was probably having fun wherever he was with someone... Continue from Snippet 76 at the full story of second chance...

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