Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Return of "Pedro"

After Salvador's escape, the foursome ran after him like mad men and women, chasing after another mad man on the street. Salvador ran to the express and found it difficult to cross the road, as he was contemplating in his confusion, he jumped across the road and a car hit him and he fainted. In his black-out state, he saw himself swimming in a very dark river and making love to Cantalicia.... [Check out more snippets 1- 57, of el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela from the Story-Story Dot Com].

The driver came to see him and thought he was dead, as he was about to call police, Gaetana and Camilo arrived, and persuaded the driver to go, they told him that they would take care of him. They carried his almost lifeless body into Camilo's car and hurriedly left the scene of the accident, rushing him to the hospital.

On the way Salvador woke up and Gaetana asked him if he recognized her. He responded with the voice of Pedro Donoso, saying: "Yes, you are Gaetana, where are we going?" They told him to lie still, that he just had a fatal accident and was being rushed to the hospital.

He stood up and told them that he hates hospitals, and he had no pain or injury nor internal bleeding. He ordered Camilo to stop, and let all of them return back to Gaetana's home. When they got home Gaetana told him what had happened to 'him' (Pedro), in the last 24 hours.

He was surprised and was also afraid. He said it was like a good sleep, he never felt anything. Gaetana told him that he must learn to control the body of Salvador, so that 'he' (original Salvador), won't return to demand for his body again. Pedro said that of a truth, he too was afraid that any moment, he could turn into "another man" without any memory of who he was... Gaetana assured him that she would always care for him. He touched the fresh scar on his head sustained from the beatings from the three thugs.

The landlord arrived again, this time alone, and without his thugs. He came for peaceful negotiation. He asked if it was because of Salvador that Gaetana rejected his business proposal for partnership, she said yes. He wanted Gaetana to swear that she had no 'affair' with Salvador. She stood up angry, saying that she was old enough to be his (Salvador's) mother and would never have any romantic affair with Salvador. The landlord gave them three months to vacate his property, which they have turned into a night club.

The next day, 'Salvador' returned to the factory and everybody were relieved to know that he was back, except Simon, who snubbed him. When Angela broke the news to Isabel, she tried to disguise her joy and told Angela that she would go to see him later at the factory.


Anonymous said...

hi,we do not receive any of dis new soap opera in kaduna.pls in what channel does it show so dat i can follow it up? emeka.

Anonymous said...

i lik mexican soaps but dis particular one shud be interesting i suppose.

Wunmi said...

Nice what if the Pedro's spirit leaves the body permanently.....what will happen?

Wunmi said...

Nice what if Pedro's spirit leaves the body permanently.....what will happen?