Thursday, November 08, 2007

A New Headache

Fasten your telenovela seat belts, as we aproach the climax of the el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), last legs. While we await Tessie to join us as soon asd she done of her exams, I would give you rare snippets from the difficult-to-translate episodes, from the Spanish to English, of this novela... it is manageably thrilling. This is snippet 55: If you are just joining this telenovela flight, better for you to go to the site map to read the full story of El cuerpo del deseo.

Cantalicia continued to suffer romantic hallucinations about the original Salvador, she felt strongly for this season her real husband and father to her son, Mancho has returned to her.

Camilo arrived at the scene where Salvador was being beaten to a pulp, but he was helpless against three murderous thugs, so he ran back into the house call for others to help. He commanded Lupe to call the police while Gaetana and Matilda rushed out and somehow, they managed to scare away the thugs. They carried unconscious Salvador to the house.

Salvador woke up from his pains and pushed them away, he had never in his peasant life known all this people. He asked them to release him because he wanted to go back to the village and to his farm. gaetana was at first surprised and later sad when she realized that the spirit of the original Salvador had repossessd his body and displaced Don Pedro Jose Donoso.

Gaetana tried to assure him that she would help him, he was even surprised how Gaetana knew his name, because he never knew who she was. He distrusted all these four strangers. While Gaetana was treating his wounds with first aid, he asked her, with a new voice of an illiterate peasant, how she knew his name.

She assured him that he knew him very well, even though he could not recognize her for now. When Salvador rose up to force his way out because he could not trust this strangers, Gaetana pulled another surprise string when she suddenly counseled him that she knew also his wife Cantalicia and his son Mancho, she promised him that she would help him to re-unite with them, He calmed down and really believed that this strange woman truly knew him and his family.

Gaetana was too afraid to tell others about the return of the old Salvador, they too thought that Salvador was behaving strangely as if he was "another person". She later confessed to Camilo that they may lose Salvador and something strange is happening and they should find ways of restoring the spirit of Pedro Donoso back to Salvador's body before they get into new financial troubles.

Back at the Donoso factory, the new director (Dr. Garces), and another director, were wondering why Salvador had not come to work early that Monday morning. They were even surprised because, they knew he was ever punctual, they wondered what must have happened to him.

The directors and Angela were worried by the absence of Salvador at the factory, for the bast six hours. Nobody knew where he lives and Angela promised to talk to Antonio, her husband, whom she believed knew the intimate secrets of Salvador. The directors felt ashamed that they did not have any file on such an important member of management,of the Citrus factory.

Meanwhile, Salvador was almost running mad with the sophistication surrounding him in Gaetana's house. He was shocked about his new clothes and solid shoes. All his life as a peasant, he has always worn rags and walked bare-footed. He removed the shoes, shouting aloud what happened to him. Gaetana burst out hopelessly weeping, for this astonishing reversal.

Antonio was reluctant to give the phone number of Gaetana's house to Angela. He said he did not have it. When Isabel got the news that Salvador has disappeared into thin air without trace, she was equally shocked. Rebeca laughed and said he was a coward, who had no option but to flee after been caught with Valeria. Isabel remembered Salvador's last promise to fulfill his original promise to be with her and marry her. She was depressed.

Gaetana began to desperately invoke the spirit of Don Pedro Jose Donoso to reappear and come to enter the body of sleeping Salvador Sorenzo. Suddenly a strange wind blew into the room and quenched the light of the spiritual candle, Salvador awoke with cold sweat, (what a mumbo jumbo!). Salvador woke up suddenly and broke out of the room, pushing them aggressively out of his way, and running away from them....


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cant wait when AIT will reach the part when salvador came bact to himself and i wonder where pedro spirit is at this time.
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