Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salvador's Return

Remember that we left off el cuerpo del deseo (second chance), at telenovela snippet 72 from the full story site map, where the gangs that abducted Salvador and the young boy, Tommy, were surrounded and arrested by the police, Tessie continues from there with Monday's episode, ride on with her on the snippet 73 boat.


The police fired at the two groups of thugs and managed to capture them. Tommy wanted to get out of the forest but Salvador told Tommy that they had to wait. Both Salvador and Tommy heard the gunshots and Salvador thought that the thugs were killing each other.

Back at the Donoso house, Valeria was calling out to Salvador in her sleep. She woke up and started remembering the time she had planned to escape with Salvador and she had told Salvador that she was no longer afraid of her loneliness or the dark road that lied ahead. Salvador had asked her what would happen if she no longer reached the end of the road that had no more darkness and no more loneliness, would she break it.

She had told Salvador that she did not want to break the road (of their future) as long as he was there. They had both kissed. Valeria cried, she wondered why she could not get Salvador out of her mind as she neither needed him, nor did she resent him. She just wished she could forget Salvador.

Salvador and Tommy were still hiding in the forest. Tommy was impatient as he could not hear anything. The police went in the house and found Ronnie lying on the floor in bad shape. They however could not find his son Tommy. Back in the forest, Salvador suggested to Tommy that they could run away. Tommy was afraid as he did not want to be captured by the thugs again. Salvador stood up planning to move on with Tommy.

But he heard the sound of the wind (Pedro's spirit) around him and he looked around in the air trying to brush it off. Tommy wondered what was wrong. Salvador asked Tommy if he had heard and felt it...

Tommy was puzzled he did not understand Salvador as he did not hear or see anything. Salvador started shaking as if he was being electrocuted. As if he knew what was happening to him, Salvador told Tommy to go so that he was not caught by the thugs and to get help while he was shaking. Salvador then collapsed onto the ground.

Tommy tried to rouse Salvador but Salvador did not get up. So Tommy ran to get help but was discovered by the police. The old couple and Clarita arrived at the scene of the crime. Clarita was panicking that her son had not been found, she told her father Rupert that he should not have called the police. Tommy was however brought by the police officer who found him and his mother, Clarita, and grandparents hugged him.

Salvador/Pedro woke-up and the first thing he saw was the moon, and that he was lying on the ground in the forest. He wondered whether this was really happening to him or whether it was a nightmare. And got up and tried to find his way around. He then confirmed that it was real and not a nightmare.

The police found the thug who had tried to kill the original Salvador. But Salvador had hit him with a branch. The police told each other that he looked so bad, as if he had been hit by a train. The police thanked the family (Clarita and her parents) for cooperating with them to capture the thugs. The police were however concerned they had not found the man who was with Tommy (Salvador). (Behind the scenes, Tommy must have told his grandparents and mother about Salvador's condition and how Salvador had helped him). The grandparents told the police that Salvador sounded as if he was in bad shape. Tommy thought Salvador was dead as he had said that he felt bad before fainting.

Tommy led the police to where he had left Salvador but he was shocked not to find Salvador. The police thought that Tommy had made a mistake, but one of the police officers discovered the ground was flat as if somebody had slept on it. The police continued looking for Salvador but never found him.

Salvador/Pedro continued walking in the forest, wondering what had happened, and asked God for help.

The police told Clarita, Tommy and the old couple Rupert and Tomasa, that they were unable to find Salvador. Clarita wished she could thank Salvador for helping them. The police thought that if Salvador was not found, it meant that he was okay and walking or someone else had rescued him. Rupert asked the police to inform him as soon as they heard about Salvador so that they could thank him. Tomasa thought it was strange. She believed that if the man (Salvador) appeared in to their lives just as he had disappeared, she would believe that he was an angel sent by God to help them. The police drove the family back home.

Salvador/Pedro woke up in a strange place near a lake, where he was discovered by a young couple. The couple helped Salvador/Pedro to call Gaetana, who was on her way to get help, possibly from the police. Gaetana said that she did not care what condition Salvador was in (whether he was the original Salvador or if Pedro's spirit was with him). Lupe picked up Salvador's call and was joyful to hear from Salvador, she then gave the phone to Gaetana who was on her way out.

Gaetana was relieved to hear from Salvador/Pedro and went to collect him with Camillo... Continue from Snippet 74 at the full story site map...

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i think in the end the original salvador will go back to cantalicia