Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its Angela's Turn - Snippet 94

The memorable night returned with a contagious pain. Salvador slipped through the secret door and began to play the "Forget-Me-Not" tune. Angela had stayed awake with fever-pitch anxiety for the the piano's notes. Salvador played with a memorable tenderness and sorrow, his eyes welled with rivers of tears. Check out more stories from the telenovela stories site map

For Angela, it was a night of conviction and conversion. Now she believed that her late dad, Pedro Jose Donoso, is living with them in the house. She was in hysterical tears, shouting that the music was the one dedicated to her by her dad when she was but a little child. She vowed that she would never remove the piano from the study again. she wanted to go and open the study but was transfixed on the spot until Abigail came to help her and calm her down.

√Āngela burst into the study but found nobody there. When Abigail and Antonio followed after, she told them to leave her alone because she wanted to talk to Salvador over these mysteries before she runs mad. She ran to Salvador's room begging him to open his door, but Salvador appeared to her, coming from the garden.

She confronted him and asked him to reveal who he really was. She asked him how come he knew the intimate details of her life, even up to the "tear drop" necklace which no third party but only she and late father knew about.

Salvador told her to forgive her father for sacrificing her love for Isabel and neglecting her. She was frightened and began to cry, and Salvador held her in his arms and she cried on his shoulders... then, as she closed her eyes, she began to hear the resonating voice of Pedro pleading with her for forgiveness, for not listening to her warnings not to marry Isabel. He asked if she would pardon him if he asked for her forgiveness.

She separated from him and was shocked to see that the tear-filled face of Salvador which had transformed to Don Pedro Donoso. She burst out in hysterical laughter saying, so it is you... and she fainted. Salvador shouted her name at that instant and Abigail and her two sons rushed in... they took her to her room to administer first aid and banned Salvador from following after them... Then... Snippet 95: "Would You Forgive 'Him'...?" Snippet 96: "Married To A Ghost!", and Snippet 97: "Off To La Crustas- The Cradle of Mysteries!" ...

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